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Tips for Balancing Work-life

Over the years, the need to balance work-life has continued to be a hot topic. Happier employees are not only more efficient but also produce higher quality work. Work-life balance creates a more satisfied workforce but also improves employee retention and overall productivity.

Although many forces can sway or interrupt work-life balance, here are five things to consider and some tips to help take control of your work-life balance.

1. Work-life balance goes a bit deeper than math.

Sometimes, when we think of work-life balance, we believe that if we spend 8 hours per day working that we should spend 8 hours per day on personal time. When you factor in how you spend your “personal time” (showering, eating meals, doing dishes/household chores, etc.), you’re only really left with a few hours each day. When looking at work-life balance mathematically, it’s discouraging because it’s impossible to get those numbers to be equal! That’s why balance goes way beyond numbers.

2. Quality over quantity.

Once we accept that the amount of work time and personal time will never be mathematically equal, we learn that quality becomes the essential factor to consider. When time feels like something you don’t have, you have to be selective about how you spend it. In a professional context, the tasks you perform or strive to do should light you up, challenge you, and make you feel more valuable to your organization. In a personal sense, you should do what you genuinely enjoy doing; however, be mindful of what you are doing to be sure you enjoy the experience to its fullest.

3. Set boundaries.

Even in professions that expect you to reply to emails or answer phone calls after hours, if you’d genuinely like to have more blissful family dinnertimes, you should put your phone in another room entirely. Doing so creates a physical boundary letting you be present with those you love.

4. Care for yourself.

From diet to sleep, to mental and physical activity, make taking care of yourself first a priority.

5. Seek help.

While we cannot provide medical advice, we can help you identify the challenges affecting your work-life balance and work with you to overcome them.

How can we help?

If you or your team need help to identify obstacles and challenges in your workplace situation, contact Theresa, or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a 30-minute Complimentary Conversation. Reaching a goal is a journey, and Success Trek is here to take that journey alongside you.

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Complimentary Conversation

We are here for you! We may seem busy as bees; however, we are never too busy to help you and your business further succeed. If you, your organization or someone else could benefit from an outside perspective to clarify what is working well, what needs work, and how to go about it, we are here to listen.

In a 30-minute complimentary conversation, we can determine if we can help and if we are a good fit to work together. Thirty minutes may not seem like a lot, but we are skilled at fostering conversations to advance solutions that make sense for you and your organization.

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