Tips For Success Over Stress

Tips For Success Over Stress

Are you feeling stressed? You are not alone! Stress is a natural feeling of being unable to
cope with specific demands and events. Stress can come from work, relationships,
financial pressures, and other situations, but anything that poses an actual or perceived
challenge or threat to your well-being can cause stress.

While stress is unavoidable, knowing how to manage it can help us be happier and more
productive throughout the day. Stress is essential to survival. It can serve as a motivator;
however, too many stressors can harm our mental and physical health.
In our continued quest breaking down complex issues and offering simple solutions, we
have these tips from our team’s real-world experience and education to help you succeed
over stress. They all start with assessing the stress by changing your view:

  1. Stressful situations may result from overthinking, so take a step back and get more
    clarity on what is causing the stress. Breaking down a significant issue into smaller
    ones makes it easier to focus on what you can control.
  2. Project positivity into the situation. Even if the obstacle appears insurmountable,
    taking that first step puts you closer to the goal.
  3. Keep a short list of emergency stress stoppers handy. Some of our favorites
    include taking slow, deep breaths, going to refill our coffee, tea or water, and
    gazing at the outdoors through a nearby window.
  4. For more intense situations, do a stress-busting activity that allows you to focus on
    anything other than what’s causing the stress. These activities are meant to take
    longer than the emergency stress stopper activity – they are intended to give you
    ample time to de-stress. Some of our favorites include doing yoga or meditation
    exercises, meeting up with someone for that coffee, tea or water, and taking a long
    walk outside to experience nature.

How can we help?

If you or your team need help to identify obstacles and challenges in your workplace
situation, contact Theresa, or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a 30-minute
Complimentary Conversation. Reaching a goal is a journey, and Success Trek is here to
work alongside you.

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Complimentary Conversation

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