Business Ingredient for Happy Employees

The Successful Business Ingredient: Happy Employees

While the good news is the low unemployment rate, the bad news is a tight labor market means businesses must compete to attract, hire, and retain the best. When there is no longer a bigger pay gap between companies, workers look at other factors (cue the warm puppy).

The Problem

Shifting from an employer-centered to employee-centered workplace structure is necessary to attract and retain valued workers. How can your organization make this shift? Let’s look at some of the top components of job satisfaction.

The Stats

Work-life balance, culture, respect, and benefits are just a few of the top job satisfiers that will help attract, hire, and retain those top performers.

  • Work-life balance 83% of millennials (people born between the early eighties and mid-nineties), consider work-life balance to be the most important factor in evaluating a potential job while 62% of baby boomers consider work-life balance a factor when deciding whether or not to take on a new role.
  • Culture – 79% of American workers say company culture is an important job satisfaction factor.
  • Respect – Employees who feel their superiors treat them with respect are 63% more satisfied with their jobs.
  • Benefits – 72% of surveyed professionals say having more work benefits would increase their job satisfaction.

The Solution

Engaged employees who feel good about their job, achieve better results, have a good work-life balance, and feel appreciated positively impact the company they work for. Their positive feelings spill over into the company’s performance, resulting in higher productivity and more revenue.

Some of the ways these top job satisfiers can be supported:

  • Job-sharing, flexible work schedules, and remote work arrangements can support a work-life balance. While some of these may not be suitable based on the type of task, leaders who seek input from their employees help to foster culture and respect.
  • Culture and respect go together. Attributes of a strong culture are respect and fairness, trust and integrity, and teamwork. When employees feel respected by their leaders, job satisfaction levels increase, which leads to increased engagement, heightened employee focus, and employees who are more likely to stay with their organization. Three simple ways to achieve a strong culture:
    • Be respectful
    • Communicate what’s happening – and why
    • Promote accountability and fairness
  • Providing benefits (such as insurance) may be another bigger ticket item that cannot be supported by the business; however, things like paid time off for part-time workers, in-office perks such as free coffee or snacks, or company-sponsored gym membership (and the time to enjoy its destressing benefits) are all things that influence job satisfaction.

Employees are your business’s most valuable asset. Appreciate them and reap the benefits they bring to your organization.

How Can We Help?

If you or your team want to identify ways to support a strong culture and happy employees, contact Theresa or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a “get to know” conversation. You’ll get clarity on the issues you face and the next steps to consider – whether or not we decide to work together.

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Trish Ramirez

Trish Ramirez I first hired Theresa as a personal career coach in 2008. She helped me immensely at that time gain clarity on my career direction and what to do next. Theresa has continued to be a highly valued colleague, most recently giving me great advice on how to distinguish myself from the competition and View Full →

Laura Walker

Laura Walker Theresa was hired by our company to help our supervisors become Leaders. Theresa is a very high energy person which was very inspiring. She helped teach our supervisors various tools like: goal setting, mentoring, holding people accountable and most of all how to develop our employees. Working with Theresa was very instrumental in View Full →

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Diana Dibkey It is very difficult to pick just “three” attributes for Theresa because I am most impressed by the “full” package. Theresa’s organization skills are much appreciated as she has helped my agency through a very strategic collaborative planning process. The work includes working with several committees of board staff members from different organizations. View Full →

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Seth Warren Theresa always worked in the best interest of the Duneland facility. She stepped up after the departure of a manager that had created issues with both staff and members and took on the management role. Theresa made hard decisions to better the facility. She lacked administrative support at times, but weathered it admirably. View Full →

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Melissa Westphal Benefiel I met Theresa through my participation in the Valpo Chamber’s Leadership Academy. She served as a mentor and guide as I went through this program. Theresa is a “go to” person in our community. She is the consummate professional and shows great enthusiasm in all of her leadership roles. Beyond that, she View Full →

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E. William Liedtke Jr Theresa is one of those unique individuals that when you are around her, you just know she is something special. Tireless, ambitious, and highly driven to succeed and to bring success to those around her. She was a delight to have on several teams as we pursued our MBAs because she View Full →

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Jon Schmaltz Theresa is a very knowledgeable, focused, and driven professional whose strengths carry over to her clients. Her clients might prefer to keep Theresa their own secret, but don’t miss an opportunity to get to know her. Theresa’s determined to help anyone achieve success! Success Trek 2017-05-05T18:10:18-05:00 Theresa is a very knowledgeable, focused, and View Full →

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Tracy Traut I was first introduced to Success Trek’s work at a fundraiser for Leadership Northwest Indiana, where I bid on a 45 minute coaching session. At that time, I needed to work on my resume, so I figured I’d get a couple of sample resumes and we’d be done, but that didn’t happen. Theresa View Full →

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