Strategic & Tactical Planning

A Strategic Dashboard keeps your business operations organized and makes it easy for everyone to see what is going on. Clients find it indispensable in communicating short- and long-term goals, mission, vision and values. A Tactical Plan is aligned to the Strategic Dashboard and documents the timeline and tasks to be done.

Organizational Structure

As your company evolves it is critical that you understand not only the chain of command but also the way the work gets done. We will help you design an organizational chart that improves team performance and collaboration.

Project Management

We help you break down complex projects, making them more manageable and help to keep your project on track.

Implementation Support / Change Management

Our unbiased view helps your team move through change by identifying and overcoming barriers during the implementation phase of your project.

Succession Planning

Throughout the succession planning process, our team helps you achieve the goals of knowledge transfer, retention of high performers, opportunities to promote from within, and emergency preparedness.

Individual and Team Performance Coaching

Through one-on-one coaching, and/or discussion among teams, we work alongside leaders, managers, and HR professionals to identify and address communication problems, difficult behaviors, problematic situations and personality issues.

Training / Education Workshops

We provide a variety of workshops and presentations to help educate and strengthen the skills and abilities of your leaders and teams.

Orientation / Onboarding Programs

Our experienced team will work with you to update or create any documents related to New Employee Orientation and Training schedules.

Peer Learning / Group Coaching

Through a combination of in-person and video conference sessions among your peers, this guided program focuses on goal setting (personal & professional), skill-building, and accountability.

Leadership Development

Turn your high performers into leaders with our customized coaching in time management, dealing with difficult and complex situations, decision making, communication, and other leadership skills.

"Ask The Coach" Program

Conducted via video conference or phone, participants present their pressing questions so that the coach can provide tips, tricks, support, and guidance for quick implementation.

Process, Procedure, and Training Documentation

We work with subject matter experts to map workflows, create infographics, guides and other materials to support training and performance measurement.

Continuous Improvement & Lean Practices

We work with our clients monitoring and course correcting when roadblocks/workplace issues affect implementation.

Individual and Team Work Session Program

For an individual or group, it allows the most flexibility to better respond to real-time shifts/changes that happen at work or in life. The approach accommodates the time needed to take action, debrief, refine, and course correct in between each work session(s) at a deeper level.

Expected Outcomes


Minimized amount of resources (labor, consultant fees, purchases, etc.) used because roadblocks were identified before applying solutions.


Reduce wasted time and increase productivity by identifying and clarifying roles, expectations, and established priorities & timelines.


Increase ‘buy-in’ from those who are affected by tasks or goals, grow a culture of engaged & happy employees, and gain satisfied customers and an improved bottom line.


Empowering leaders to quickly assess operational and strategic challenges, course correct, adjust timelines while maneuvering through personality differences, stressful situations, and increase time working on the essential core business functions.

Complimentary Get To Know Conversation

If you sense an issue in your organization but you are just not quite sure what the problem is or how to go about resolving it, our 30-45 minute complimentary Get To Know conversation is a great way to start. You will get clarity on the issues you face and the next steps to consider whether or not we decide to work together.

Level of Investment: ‘No cost to you’

What Our Clients Say About Us

Trish Ramirez

I first hired Theresa as a personal career coach in 2008. She helped me immensely at that time gain clarity on my career direction and what to do next. Theresa has continued to be a highly valued colleague, most recently giving me great advice on how to distinguish myself from the competition and focus on View Full →

Laura Walker

Theresa was hired by our company to help our supervisors become Leaders. Theresa is a very high energy person which was very inspiring. She helped teach our supervisors various tools like: goal setting, mentoring, holding people accountable and most of all how to develop our employees. Working with Theresa was very instrumental in taking our View Full →

Diana Dibkey

It is very difficult to pick just “three” attributes for Theresa because I am most impressed by the “full” package. Theresa’s organization skills are much appreciated as she has helped my agency through a very strategic collaborative planning process. The work includes working with several committees of board staff members from different organizations. Theresa has View Full →

Seth Warren

Theresa always worked in the best interest of the Duneland facility. She stepped up after the departure of a manager that had created issues with both staff and members and took on the management role. Theresa made hard decisions to better the facility. She lacked administrative support at times, but weathered it admirably.

Melissa Westphal Benefiel

I met Theresa through my participation in the Valpo Chamber’s Leadership Academy. She served as a mentor and guide as I went through this program. Theresa is a “go to” person in our community. She is the consummate professional and shows great enthusiasm in all of her leadership roles. Beyond that, she is simply an View Full →

E. William Liedtke Jr

Theresa is one of those unique individuals that when you are around her, you just know she is something special. Tireless, ambitious, and highly driven to succeed and to bring success to those around her. She was a delight to have on several teams as we pursued our MBAs because she always came through with View Full →

Jon Schmaltz

Theresa is a very knowledgeable, focused, and driven professional whose strengths carry over to her clients. Her clients might prefer to keep Theresa their own secret, but don’t miss an opportunity to get to know her. Theresa’s determined to help anyone achieve success!

Jill E. Ritchie

Theresa Valade is one of the brightest individuals and hardest workers I know. She cares deeply about the State of Indiana and its potential. She grew up in Rensselaer and attended Purdue University. Small business success is critical to this state’s economy and not only is her business successful but she has been instrumental in View Full →

Tracy Traut

I was first introduced to Success Trek’s work at a fundraiser for Leadership Northwest Indiana, where I bid on a 45 minute coaching session. At that time, I needed to work on my resume, so I figured I’d get a couple of sample resumes and we’d be done, but that didn’t happen. Theresa did look View Full →

Garrard McClendon

I think Theresa Valade acts as a great silent partner for those trying to complete a task. Her energy helped us complete several projects including the completion of a diversity task, an enterprise task and a successful facilitation of a major research project. I will hire Theresa for all of our difficult tasks in the View Full →

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