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Employee Recognition

Does your organization have a reward and recognition program in place? Employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.  Recognizing talent takes small steps, does not require significant expenditures, and has an impact on the organizational, operational, and individual levels.

“The common denominator that I’ve found in every single interview is that we want to be validated…I’ve done over 35,000 interviews in my career. And, as soon as that camera shuts off, everyone always turns to me and, inevitably, in their own way, asks this question: ‘Was that okay?’ I heard it from President Bush. I heard it from President Obama.” – Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show

Validation is the simplest way reward and recognition can show up in the workplace – which kick-starts the list of ways you can bring employee recognition to your organization.


  • Praise and feedback are powerful.

Think back to elementary school. Don’t you also fondly recall seeing stickers that said things like, “Great!” or “Neat!” on your work when there was a job well done? There was never a lack of certainty about your level of performance – because your “job well done” was always recognized. On the contrary, when you performed less than great on an assignment or test, your teacher might have written feedback or a note to see them and have a conversation. By definition, feedback should be constructively delivered with the goal being to teach – rather than talk down.


  • Say, “Thank you.”

Not only does everyone want to be validated, but everyone wants to be appreciated. Saying thank you in person is worth the extra time and effort than via email.


  • Highlight your MVPs on your social media pages and your blog.

Sharing someone else’s accomplishments online is a great way to show a warmer side of your brand while also making the person you’re featuring feel extra special. Be mindful of highlighting team members who would prefer to maintain a low profile.


  • During team calls or huddles, allow employees to give kudos to others who they think “crushed it” recently. Again, be mindful of team members who prefer to remain anonymous when giving kudos as well as recipients who prefer to stay low-key.

How can we help?

If you or your team need help to identify obstacles and challenges in your workplace situation, contact Theresa, or visit our Contact Us page to schedule a 30-minute Complimentary Conversation. Reaching a goal is a journey, and Success Trek is here to take that journey alongside you.

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Complimentary Conversation

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