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Identify, analyze and improve business processes to optimize and support individual and team performance.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement includes many ways to improve efficiencies in the workplace – one such way is through documentation. Did you know that businesses can achieve 15% or more productivity by having the correct process, procedure and training documentation? (source: Forrester Research, Inc.)

Success Trek’s Process, Procedure & Training Documentation dovetails with your Business Operations. We work with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to define processes, identify opportunities for improvement, optimize how those processes are executed, ensure consistency during periods of uncertainty or change, onboard new employees quickly, and support knowledge transfer and retention, all recorded for you to create documented resources (digital and print). From an employee’s perspective, these documents help them know how to do their job in practical terms and fully understand the company’s aims and their team goals.

Options & Details

  • Process documentation. Create a visual workflow map that shows the overall flow and helps identify inefficiencies.
  • Procedure documentation. Create detailed documents that contain step-by-step instructions on how to do the work.
  • Training documentation. Create checklists, guides, and job aids for a standardized training plan that ensures employees do not miss essential steps to meet company goals and satisfy customers.

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