Peer Learning Roundtable

Presented by Duneland, Hobart, Portage Chamber of Commerce

2020© SuccesstrekMasterMinds™ Proprietary Program adapted with permission for Duneland, Hobart, Portage Chamber of Commerce 2020 Peer Learning Roundtable.

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Event Description

During times of accelerated change in the workplace, what can we do to solve our workplace challenges more quickly and continue strengthening our skills and abilities to keep up with demand?


JOIN US for an interactive discussion​ with others in the business community, where you will share best practices, tips and tricks, and collaboratively help one another discover solutions to your workplace problems. Volunteer moderators will help foster the conversation and bring their experience and knowledge to the discussion. Breakout/roundtable assignment​ will be established based on your selected topic of interest. Click here to register and rank your topic preference. There is a limit of 9 people per topic and we will do our best to place you in one of your top 3 choices.


This is an opportunity to identify practical and actionable tasks to help you solve your toughest problems in less time while you sharpen your skills.

Event Emcee

Theresa Valade of Success Trek


Wednesday, September 9, 2020


7:30 am to 10:30 am (continental breakfast provided)


Woodland Park
Sycamore Room
2100 Willowcreek Road
Portage, IN 46368




  • You do not need to be a member of the chambers to attend this event.
  • Event session will include:
    • A brief keynote to address a current topic of importance.
    • Breakout/roundtable topic discussion.
    • Sharing of key points or takeaways from each breakout/roundtable discussion by moderators and participants.
    • Networking opportunity.


Session Breakout Topic:

HR: Recruiting

HR: Training

Leadership Development

Mrkt: Website / Google Analytics

Mrkt: Networking / Elevator Pitch

HR: Onboarding


Mrkt: Social Media

Mrkt: Brand / Design

Finance / Business Risk

Questions/Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact Theresa Valade of Success Trek, Inc. Our organization volunteered to help run the 2020 Peer Learning Roundtable on behalf of the Duneland, Hobart and Portage Chambers.

Complimentary Conversation

Reaching a goal is a journey, and Success Trek is here to take that journey alongside you. Whether we are helping you develop a strategic plan, facilitating a skills workshop, or writing a procedure guide, we will guide you through obstacles and challenges with the tools and support for success. The process starts with a 30-minute Complimentary Conversation.

What Our Clients Say About Us

As a professional stretched in many directions, I would recommend this workshop to my clients and colleagues. It helped me to focus on ways to do my job better to become more effective and efficient.

Brenda Scott Henry
Rural and Urban Consulting

I think the workshop was very helpful in eliciting and making my personal and business goals specific and measurable.

Anna Rominger
IU Northwest

What an eye-opener! Although I was aware of the things I needed to work on, this pushed me to confront them directly and take active steps toward completing my goals. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

Aundrea Hoffman
Morse and Company

Theresa makes you focus on what you want and how you are going to get it. It sounds so simple, and at first I was skeptical of coaching. I’m not a touchy-feely person. The first workshop was a powerful learning experience for me. It opened my eyes to how much I was distracted from my goals and priorities by the everyday fires that ignited my desk. Now, I’m finding ways to keep the fires to a minimum and concentrate on the activities that will be most beneficial to my performance.

Andrea Proulx-Buinicki
Opportunity Enterprises

Thanks – Love your attitude

Amber Hensell-Hicks
Frontline Foundations Inc

I think a few were skeptical coming into this program as to the point. Very good at keeping us organized and guiding the program.

Aaron McDermott
Latitude Commercial Real Estate

The workshop was a great use of my day. I have received very useful tools in setting and achieving business and personal goals. I am excited to see where I am with the information I received in 90 days.

Anne Van Keppel
Valparaiso University

The Success Trek model is dynamic. The CEO is quick to shift align bases on the synergy of the participants. This yields itself to a champion outcome!

Alexius Barber
Mental Health America of Lake County, Board of Directors

I love the learning of optimizing your web traffic thru powerful keywords that inspire actions and emotions.

Amber Jung
Harrah's Entertainment

It’s great to call a timeout in your busy life to see where you are at now and where you want to go next.

Alexander Saltanovitz
Met Life Financial Services

High energy, driven, intuitive.

Bob Wanek
Valparaiso YMCA

I expanded my mailing areas and with that I was like, ‘How am I going to manage?’ Theresa helped me put systems into place on how to maximize my assistant to be more of a support, to get more done and be more efficient. Theresa took a birds-eye view operationally of my business and helped me put some things into place. I had several ‘a-ha’ moments.

Beckie Guffin
Direct Mail Advantage

Fast Pace. Clear Examples. Good Content and Activities to test/practice skills.

Annette Corbett
Long Beach Country Club

Thank you so much! I know that it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to make these staff retreats run smoothly. Please know that we are grateful. Theresa, I was fascinated watching your ability to extract information while also making everyone feel validated and encouraged. That’s an art and you’re a pro! Thank you so much.

Amber Hensell
Frontline Foundations Inc

Just knowing you are there has helped a great deal. Your voice gives me strength. All is good.

Barb Tracy
Marilyn's Bakery
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