For Mary Andersen, Project Consultant with Success Trek® Inc, logically organized and properly documented workflows are the keys to success for any business.


Mary is an effective facilitator and communicator; she is intellectually curious. Using these skills, attributes, and experience, Mary gains the insight to organize processes that bring efficiency to any business. Mary’s technical writing and computer skills are used to create purposeful documents to ensure consistent performance. Mary is versatile, and her capabilities extend beyond organization and documentation.


Mary holds several Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications, and her adaptability to learning other software applications contributes to her ability to create a wide variety of materials that are key to documenting what people do in a simplified way. Her experience as a Microsoft Office 365 Administrator, keen interest in cybersecurity, and unique ability to break down complex technical matters into formats that are easy to understand help Success Trek to support our client’s needs.


Complimentary Conversation

Discover how Success Trek can be your partner as you navigate toward Improved Business Strategies, Empowered Leaders & Teams, and Strengthened Workflow Processes. We are here to be your sounding board and discuss any workplace situation where you might need an outside perspective. It all starts with a 30-minute Complimentary Conversation.

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