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Managing A Project Minefield – Workstyles & Personalities

Our last Blog outlined the dangers associated with managing projects and focused on individual human capacity. This month, we explore how work styles and personalities impact a project and offer our advice and perspective from our team’s real-world experience and education.

Navigating the interpersonal dynamics among team members (project-related or otherwise) can often seem exasperating. However, do not lose sight of the benefits people with diverse skills and personality types contribute, such as stronger workplace relationships and ability to get more done with less stress. While there are many beneficial articles and assessments for working together, it is not about putting people into buckets. Instead, it is about recognizing and respecting differences and focusing on where there is agreement. It all starts with communication.

To communicate effectively, having some sense of communication styles is helpful. Use behavioral traits to help clue you in on how to converse positively. Here is a handy chart:

Understanding differences in the way we communicate is an investment. The results are stronger workplace relationships, increased productivity, and stress reduction.

Next month we will explore managing the project minefield of the technology and applications used to manage and communicate about the project.

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