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Improve Communication In Your Team [TIPS]

The beginning lyrics of the song, “Do You Hear What I Hear…?” playing on radios and in retail stores has been ringing in my head, causing me to think about communications in the workplace.

Today’s workplace employs multiple generations, with different verbal and writing styles, plus a variety of applications for electronic communication and collaboration.

Many companies now have distributed workforces operating from their home offices. Wow! What flexibility, what diversity! What an opportunity for miscommunication disaster! That’s right. Technology used ineffectively can also accelerate poor communication in the workplace. Technology advancements in the traditional work environment have fundamentally altered intra-company communications. I believe it is essential that all employees know how to use today’s communication tools correctly.

To avoid throwing a wrench into your company’s internal communications system, I submit the following survey questions for your consideration.

  • By what methods does your company communicate to its employee’s information that directly affects job execution?
  • How would you describe your company’s primary or preferred communication i.e., email, Skype, IM, phone?
  • Are inter-office communications clear and do people hear what you want them to hear? If not, why?

Consider a formal plan for your intra-company communications.

I can guarantee it will have only a positive effect. Globoforce 2011 report cites 73% of workers say their organization’s strategies and goals are NOT translated into specific work tasks they can execute. We also know 70% of workers do not know what to do to support their organization’s strategies and goals.

A formal communication structure can improve employee engagement, increase morale and create productivity in the workplace! The absence of a communication plan will guarantee an eventual overload of emails, text messages, or voice mails and result in personnel failing to respond timely to the original question asked, contribute to a delay in information, and then have you racing to meet the deadline on a project! Sound familiar?

Four Cornerstones to Get You Started

Take the lead, meet with your team to share these simple communication tips:

  1. Schedule a direct face-to-face conversation whenever you have difficult information to convey or tasks that generate many questions.
  2. Reserve texting for a quick question or answer for example, “what time is the sales meeting?” without need for further explanation.
  3. Assess the content of your message; consider how well you know the recipient, to determine whether it needs to verbal or written.
  4. Make certain the information you convey is clear and direct. Avoid vague and ambiguous statements. Start the year on a high note, knowing you’ve linked up the communication patterns in your workplace!

Complimentary Get To Know Conversation

If you sense an issue in your organization but you are just not quite sure what the problem is or how to go about resolving it, our 30-45 minute complimentary Get To Know conversation is a great way to start. You will get clarity on the issues you face and the next steps to consider whether or not we decide to work together.

Level of Investment: ‘No cost to you’

What Our Clients Say About Us

Trish Ramirez

Trish Ramirez I first hired Theresa as a personal career coach in 2008. She helped me immensely at that time gain clarity on my career direction and what to do next. Theresa has continued to be a highly valued colleague, most recently giving me great advice on how to distinguish myself from the competition and View Full →

Laura Walker

Laura Walker Theresa was hired by our company to help our supervisors become Leaders. Theresa is a very high energy person which was very inspiring. She helped teach our supervisors various tools like: goal setting, mentoring, holding people accountable and most of all how to develop our employees. Working with Theresa was very instrumental in View Full →

Diana Dibkey

Diana Dibkey It is very difficult to pick just “three” attributes for Theresa because I am most impressed by the “full” package. Theresa’s organization skills are much appreciated as she has helped my agency through a very strategic collaborative planning process. The work includes working with several committees of board staff members from different organizations. View Full →

Seth Warren

Seth Warren Theresa always worked in the best interest of the Duneland facility. She stepped up after the departure of a manager that had created issues with both staff and members and took on the management role. Theresa made hard decisions to better the facility. She lacked administrative support at times, but weathered it admirably. View Full →

Melissa Westphal Benefiel

Melissa Westphal Benefiel I met Theresa through my participation in the Valpo Chamber’s Leadership Academy. She served as a mentor and guide as I went through this program. Theresa is a “go to” person in our community. She is the consummate professional and shows great enthusiasm in all of her leadership roles. Beyond that, she View Full →

E. William Liedtke Jr

E. William Liedtke Jr Theresa is one of those unique individuals that when you are around her, you just know she is something special. Tireless, ambitious, and highly driven to succeed and to bring success to those around her. She was a delight to have on several teams as we pursued our MBAs because she View Full →

Jon Schmaltz

Jon Schmaltz Theresa is a very knowledgeable, focused, and driven professional whose strengths carry over to her clients. Her clients might prefer to keep Theresa their own secret, but don’t miss an opportunity to get to know her. Theresa’s determined to help anyone achieve success! Success Trek 2017-05-05T18:10:18-05:00 Theresa is a very knowledgeable, focused, and View Full →

Jill E. Ritchie

Jill E. Ritchie Theresa Valade is one of the brightest individuals and hardest workers I know. She cares deeply about the State of Indiana and its potential. She grew up in Rensselaer and attended Purdue University. Small business success is critical to this state’s economy and not only is her business successful but she has View Full →

Tracy Traut

Tracy Traut I was first introduced to Success Trek’s work at a fundraiser for Leadership Northwest Indiana, where I bid on a 45 minute coaching session. At that time, I needed to work on my resume, so I figured I’d get a couple of sample resumes and we’d be done, but that didn’t happen. Theresa View Full →

Garrard McClendon

Garrard McClendon I think Theresa Valade acts as a great silent partner for those trying to complete a task. Her energy helped us complete several projects including the completion of a diversity task, an enterprise task and a successful facilitation of a major research project. I will hire Theresa for all of our difficult tasks View Full →

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