Embracing Personality Differences

The workplace, like the world, is full of different personalities. Those different personalities can drive workplace success, so let’s learn to embrace them!

Recalling a previous Blog (https://www.success-trek.com/managing-a-project-minefield-workstyles-personalities/), we noted not to lose sight of the benefits people with diverse skills and personality types contribute. The main takeaway from that Blog is about recognizing and respecting differences and focusing on where there is agreement. The Blog summed it up as starting with communication and provided a chart providing behavioral traits and communication styles to support positive conversation.

Aside from understanding behavioral traits and communication styles, what else can you do? We’re glad you asked!
In our continued quest to break down complex issues and offer simple solutions, we have these tips from our team’s real-world experience and education to further help you embrace personality differences:

  1. Respect yourself first and then others. Confidence and understanding of your values and skills enable you to engage others with equal respect.
  2. Identify and prioritize shared goals. Shared goals bring different opinions together – identifying them and making them a priority bypasses the potential for conflict.
  3. Embrace how others can contribute. While it is easier to identify difficulties with personality differences, the gem is finding the upside of that difference to create collaboration.
  4. Address conflict promptly and directly, and remember that it is not personal. Conflict results from opinions but is not reflective of character. By handling conflict promptly and directly, you will avoid a prolonged or worsening situation and not bring others into the conflict.

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How can we help?

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