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Smooth Sailing: When Onboarding & Offboarding Complement Each Other

In a prior Blog, Fix Your Onboarding Process, we reviewed the onboarding process and provided key concepts to remember. This month, we are sailing further into how the onboarding and offboarding processes should work together to shape your company’s success. As organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, understanding the importance of these processes and staying attuned to current trends is paramount.


The Power of Partnership: How Success Trek Can Be Your Team’s Secret Weapon

In the ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires strategic thinking and the ability to adapt and innovate. By acting as an extension of your team, a business consultant can be the game changer you need. Imagine having a seasoned expert seamlessly integrate with your workforce, bringing a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience.


Documented Work Instructions Fuel Unfamiliar Task Success

We’ve written previously about Process, Procedure & Training Documentation, and how it leads to Improved Workflow Process. Notwithstanding the benefits to the overall business operations, this Blog will share our team’s everyday experiences and the benefits of task documentation.


Gain Control Over Email

In our prior Blog (“Lost in Document Disorganization?”), we wrote about how maintaining an organized document filing system has become essential for businesses in the modern age of information overload. Now, we turn our attention to that other digital behemoth: email!

In this Blog, we will explore how to apply the concepts of digital organization to Gain Control Over Email. While not as daunting as establishing a structured filing system, the benefits will outweigh the initial effort and continued (as needed) refinement.


Lost In Document Disorganization

Maintaining an organized document filing system has become essential for businesses in the modern age of information overload. While establishing a structured filing system may seem daunting, its benefits outweigh the initial effort and investment. In this Blog, we will explore the numerous advantages of an organized document filing system and how it can streamline your efficiency and productivity. Plus, we’ll give you some simple tips to get you started (or enhance) your digital filing system.


Leverage The Collective Strengths of Marketing and Sales

Does it seem like your marketing and sales efforts are disconnected? This Blog will briefly recap each role, explore the benefits of when they work together, and how we (and you) can leverage their collective strengths and tap into those benefits.


Beware The Catchy Statistics

We’ve all seen them and even used them – catchy statistics. If the phrase “95% of users experienced positive results” made you click on something, raise your hand. Yes, we even admit to using them in our service promotional materials, like saying, “Every crucial conversation employees avoid wastes $1,500 per day.” Setting the past aside and focusing on the present and future, in this Blog, we will take a deeper look at why we need statistics, the potential problem with them, and our takeaways based on our real-world experience and education (with a bonus takeaway at the end).


Managing Process Variations

In previous Blogs, we discussed the importance of Procedure Documentation. While working with clients, we often encounter challenges associated with processes that vary within an organization, usually based on the specific needs of a department or team. This Blog will explore the pitfalls of process variation and how to manage them.


Service Spotlight: On-Demand Individual Coaching

In business coaching, a professional coach works with individuals or teams within an organization to enhance their performance, skills, and overall effectiveness. The main goal of business coaching is to support individuals in achieving their professional objectives and maximizing their potential, focusing on facilitating self-discovery, personal growth, and skill development. This month’s blog will focus on On-Demand Individual Coaching as part of our People Development service and how it results in Empowered Leaders and Teams.


Don’t Forget The Standard Operating Procedures

Raise your hand if you are intrigued by this image. We chose it for this month’s blog as a reminder that businesses (and buildings) need a variety of elements to succeed and be strong. In building, rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a common feature of many concrete applications. Its primary purpose is to increase the tensile strength of the concrete, helping it resist cracking and breaking. Like rebar, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in business guarantees that the business can benefit by reducing errors, increasing efficiencies and profitability, and creating a safe work environment.


Learning From Mistakes

“Failing forward” is a phrase often heard in the business world. As much as we tell ourselves, “nobody is perfect,” and “mistakes happen,” what matters most is our response to them. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying, “Learn from every mistake because every experience, encounter, and particularly your mistakes are there to teach you and force you into being more of who you are.”


Uncovering the Benefits of Workshops

Did you know that workshops contain many benefits? This month’s blog will focus on our Training / Education Workshops and how they result in Empowered Leaders & Teams. The exciting thing is that you also create engaged employees through these workshops, which leads to better performance and boosts team and organization success.

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