All organizations experience change. The need for change can come from external forces or internal needs and can be either planned for or unexpected. One element to support the change process is a change champion.

For most of us, a new year comes with plans to make improvements in our life. It’s not just something individuals do. Often organizations and businesses see the New Year as a great time to introduce changes, new initiatives, or rework plans that may have stalled.

Regardless of what time of year it is, many times, these improvements don’t happen. Efforts stall as employees get caught up in their everyday duties without understanding why these introduced changes are essential, how they contribute to those efforts, and what the desired outcomes will do for all involved.

Most often, it’s not because the plan was weak; it was because the plan lacked a champion. Great plans can carry your company pretty far until there are snags or unexpected glitches. Senior management may feel they already have their hands full with the day-to-day operations and assume middle and lower management is carrying out their directives.

Yet, when someone in senior leadership becomes the champion of the cause, there is increased buy-in across the board, which not only helps the project succeed, it often increases profitability or reduces costs related to retention, product returns, or overtime.

If you are planning to make changes, CLICK HERE to read Theresa’s article about how a champion will help your initiative succeed.

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