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Success Trek was born from Theresa Valade's entrepreneurial ambition and was influenced by her experiences. Working alongside her grandfather and father in a family business, Theresa always knew she wanted to be a business owner one day. While she enjoyed the hands-on and back-office tasks, the organizational development aspect of the business caught her attention the most. Through the years, and wherever the setting, Theresa always found her role as leading others through change, supporting strategic initiatives, and helping to achieve goals within the organization.

After working in various corporate settings, Theresa began in 2005 as a business coach, providing direction and strategy for individuals and small business owners. She became a catalyst for community improvement by lending her expertise to various non-profit organizations in the Northern Indiana/Chicago area. By 2008, Theresa had captured the attention of Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly Magazine, which named her runner-up in the Best New Business Category. And yet, the connection between her clients and their day-to-day was missing.

In 2009, Theresa established Success Trek, adjusting her business model to support her client's vision while getting the best from their employees and processes. The move immediately paid off as The ISBDC EDGE Awards recognized Success Trek for the Emerging Category. Additional accolades included being named Top CEO 2010 by Inside Indiana Business and a MIRA Award Nominee for Excellence and Innovation in New Media.

Theresa continued to refine her business model and align her vision and goals to help other businesses and organizations manage growth and sustainability. In 2011, Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center recognized Success Trek as the Top Woman-owned business. Individually, Theresa received the 2013 Up and Coming Influential Women of Northwest Indiana award.

Through the years, Theresa has been supported by team members who brought their experiences and talents to support a growing client base and Success Trek's business model. Like other businesses that struggle with the right team member balance, Success Trek's experiences have helped influence how we help our clients to create a high-performing team.

Today, Success Trek serves a broad clientele base, including C-level executives, organizational directors, and successful business owners, helping them manage change, growth, and sustainability. We have experienced the same business challenges as our clients and use that experience to help them. Our passion is to work together to solve your business challenges, strengthening companies from within so people have what they need to do their best work.

Through Success Trek’s 4-Step Process of (1) gaining clarity & focus, (2) creating a plan, (3), executing the plan, and (4) evaluating and monitoring, we work together to achieve positive results and outcomes.

We spend more time on the most forgotten step - evaluating and monitoring. We don’t leave you to figure it out on your own!

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Our Mission:

Connecting People With What They Need To Do Their Best Work

Our Vision – creating what will be:

  • People Succeeding
  • Businesses Prospering
  • Communities Thriving

Our Values – the principles that guide us:

  • Agility – we respond rapidly to changes without losing momentum or vision.
  • Resourcefulness – we find the most efficient/effective way to achieve positive results.
  • Teamwork – we work together to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Teams can’t keep up with the workload
  • Individuals don’t get their work done
  • Leaders aren’t sure how to get it all done
  • Personalities and work styles get in the way of results
  • Job roles and responsibilities are unclear
  • Organizations face internal change or rapid growth

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Everything you need to strengthen your company from within and work better together.

Complimentary Conversation

We are here for you! We may seem busy as bees; however, we are never too busy to help you and your business further succeed. If you, your organization or someone else could benefit from an outside perspective to clarify what is working well, what needs work, and how to go about it, we are here to listen.

In a 30-minute complimentary conversation, we can determine if we can help and if we are a good fit to work together. Thirty minutes may not seem like a lot, but we are skilled at fostering conversations to advance solutions that make sense for you and your organization.

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