Our Services

Our services focus on improved communication, increased cash flow, efficiencies in hyper-drive, leaders & teams doing more of what they do best, and expanded leadership ability.


The tangible results our clients tell us we achieve together are Improved Business Operations, Empowered Leaders & Teams, and Strengthened Workflow Process.

Strategic & Tactical Planning

A Strategic Plan keeps your business operations organized and makes it easy for everyone to see what is going on. Clients find it indispensable in communicating short- and long-term goals, mission, vision and values. A Tactical Plan is aligned to the Strategic Plan and documents the timeline and tasks to be done.

Organizational Structure

As your company evolves it is critical that you understand not only the chain of command but also the way the work gets done. We will help you design an organizational chart that improves team performance and collaboration.

Project Management

We help you break down complex projects, making them more manageable and help to keep your project on track.

Implementation Support / Change Management

Our unbiased view helps your team move through change by identifying and overcoming barriers during the implementation phase of your project.

Succession Planning

Throughout the succession planning process, our team helps you achieve the goals of knowledge transfer, retention of high performers, opportunities to promote from within, and emergency preparedness.

Individual and Team Performance Coaching

Through one-on-one coaching, and/or discussion among teams, we work alongside leaders, managers, and HR professionals to identify and address communication problems, difficult behaviors, problematic situations and personality issues.

Training / Education Workshops

We provide a variety of workshops and presentations to help educate and strengthen the skills and abilities of your leaders and teams.

Orientation / Onboarding Programs

Our experienced team will work with you to update or create any documents related to New Employee Orientation and Training schedules.

Peer Learning / Group Coaching

Through a combination of in-person and video conference sessions among your peers, this guided program focuses on goal setting (personal & professional), skill-building, and accountability.

Leadership Development

Turn your high performers into leaders with our customized coaching in time management, dealing with difficult and complex situations, decision making, communication, and other leadership skills.

"Ask The Coach" Program

Conducted via video conference or phone, participants present their pressing questions so that the coach can provide tips, tricks, support, and guidance for quick implementation.

Process, Procedure, and Training Documentation

We work with subject matter experts to map workflows, create infographics, guides and other materials to support training and performance measurement.

Continuous Improvement & Lean Practices

We work with our clients monitoring and course correcting when roadblocks/workplace issues affect implementation.

Individual and Team Work Session Program

For an individual or group, it allows the most flexibility to better respond to real-time shifts/changes that happen at work or in life. The approach accommodates the time needed to take action, debrief, refine, and course correct in between each work session(s) at a deeper level.

Complimentary Conversation

Reaching a goal is a journey, and Success Trek is here to take that journey alongside you. Whether we are helping you develop a strategic plan, facilitating a skills workshop, or writing a procedure guide, we will guide you through obstacles and challenges with the tools and support for success. The process starts with a 30-minute Complimentary Conversation.

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