Streamlined Workflow Solutions

Workflow inefficiency impacts your revenue.
Our methods identify and correct even the most complex workflow issues.

Identify Problems: Identifying where work gets hung up can be a challenge. We will uncover the breakdown in communication in areas around instruction, person(s) in charge and desired outcomes that affect the inconsistencies in the workflow process for delegating tasks and problem solving between departments. Solutions to these issues are tailor-made for your company.

Map Out Workflow: To reduce team and departmental confusion – we create easy to follow inter/intra department workflow maps. The customized system clarifies responsibilities, increases efficiency and keeps money in your pocket. On a daily basis, just thirty minutes of wasted time adds up to an annual loss of $2,800 per each employee (based on a $45,000 salary).

Customize Training Tools: Directions and skills should be specifically aligned with day-to-day tasks. We work side by side with your subject matter expert to customize user friendly training materials and manuals to meet the workflow needs of each department.

Ensure Accountability and Follow Through: We provide methods to increase, and monitor, job related accountability and follow through so that progress stays on track.

Eliminate Time Wasters: Productive meetings require strategies. Our process assists participants to easily prioritize decisions made, develop their actions steps, and provide follow-up on completed tasks. This has proven to be a worthwhile investment and an invaluable resource. Using the process one of our clients saved $200k in one year. This was a ROI of 2.5 times their initial investment.

Maintain Workflow Alignment: We help managers and leaders quickly identify any workflow challenges or deficiencies that might arise over time. Based on the findings, course corrections can be made, timelines adjusted and strategies continually improved.

“Our years of experience make it possible to develop customized productivity improvement, change management and project management processes. Your success is our success” – Theresa Valade, CEO, Success Trek