April 2015 Newsletter

Engaging your team is simple with more clarity

April 2015 Newsletter Image |SuccessTrekBusiness owners or entrepreneurs often find they have too much to do. Bringing more talent on board can sometimes be one more task that overloads their schedule. How can you realign your workload, empower your employees and be assured that the proper talent will be able to not only complete the work, but excel at it?

Many times leaders just take on the additional tasks at the expense of less than effective output. When clients call us for help, we can help them identify and effectively assign duties to others in a way that benefits everyone.

With a recent client, we worked with them to make a talent inventory by using the Attribute Index, which helped us identify those workers already within the organization who could take on these assignments. There were three staff members who were able to assume some of the duties that the director was eager to let go of.

The result? Breathing room for everyone, increased productivity and efficiency. The staff members were energized to use their identified skills in taking on new duties and the director was confident that workflow had been realigned in a way that made the most sense. All of which ultimately affect morale and the bottom line.

If you’d like to read more on how we used the Attribute Index with our client, Pines Village Retirement Communities, click here. If you’d like us to help your employees excel at work, call us now at 219.680.7720.

For more information on the Attribute Index, read “How to Get the Best Out of Every EmployeeHow to Get the Best Out of Every Employee” or “It’s Enlightening, Provocative and Available to You!

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