January 2015 Newsletter

Before You Start Making Changes, Find a Champion

January 2015 | Success Trek newsletterFor most of us, a new year comes with plans to make improvements in our life. It’s not just something individuals do. Often organizations and businesses see the New Year as a great time to introduce changes, new initiatives or rework plans that may have stalled.

Regardless of what time of year it is, many times these improvements don’t happen. Efforts stall as employees get caught up in their everyday duties without understanding why these introduced changes are important, how they contribute to those efforts, and what the desired outcomes will do for all involved.

Most often, it’s not because the plan was poor, it was because the plan lacked a champion. Great plans can carry your company pretty far, until there are snags or unexpected glitches. Senior management may feel they already have their hands full with the day-to-day operations and assume mid and lower management is carrying out their directives.

Yet, when someone in senior leadership becomes the champion of the cause, there is increased buy-in across the board, which not only helps the project succeed, it often increases profitability or reduces costs related to retention, product returns or overtime.

If you are planning to make changes in 2015, CLICK HERECLICK HERE to read more about how a champion will help your initiative succeed.

If you’d like to talk to us about strategic planning for your business’ success, give us a call at Success Trek, 773.789.8735.

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February 2015 Newsletter

Accountability or Abuse of Power?

February 2015 Newsletter  |  Success Trek, Inc.Is it the lack of accountability or a leader’s self-assigned entitlement of power that disrupts a company business model? Opinions and criticisms are tweeted, posted, and rehashed at the speed of light on this topic. Despite the new layer of social transparency, the abuse of power seems to over shadow accountability more than ever.

Great military, business or community leaders promote transparency and treat accountability with high regard. They do it by encouraging open communication, demonstrating self-discipline, and . . . common sense. Although in today’s environment, whether it is a questionable police action, a school teacher who has violated trust with a student, or a CEO isolating themselves from disciplinary action, the lack of accountability has become a social hot button.

In a corporate environment, the abuser justifies their actions by thinking that shortcutting a process and procedure gives a faster boost to the bottom line. However, the leader with this thinking is usually afraid of confrontation, collaboration or compromise.

This abuse of power by leadership can be intimidating and infuriating. Many times workers feel the only way to improve their situation is to leave the company. It’s no secret that retaining a trained employee is far more cost effective than continually hiring and training new hires. Ironically, the headstrong manager has thwarted his own strategy by driving away valuable talent.

How can you improve your workplace when everyone feels that out of control power hanging over them like a heavy cloud? It must happen from the top down. It’s not the fault of the worker; it’s the other leaders within the company or organization that are scared to approach the offending leader. The CEO needs to lead the way in changing the culture and work environment to one that welcomes creativity, collaboration and productive conflict.

If you’re not sure about the steps to revive your company culture, maximize employee talent or realign your strategy, talk to us at Success Trek. We serve as an impartial interviewer so employees can speak without reproach, giving you valuable insight. Having that conversation about what seems difficult can turn your company around to get back on track to profitability and sustainability.

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March 2015 Newsletter

Are you like the world’s top 200 companies? I bet you are.

March 2015 Success Trek newsletterRecently I read in INC magazine that the world’s top 200 companies lose 10% of their annual profits to managing complexity. Not overcoming, but managing.

This doesn’t surprise us here at Success Trek. It’s not just the top 200 companies that struggle with this. It is one of the most common reasons organizations turn to us for help in getting back on track. Somewhere along the way, a process or strategy has become over complicated. Added steps, overlaps or gaps are often the wayward offspring of perceived creativity and innovation by ambitious leaders who lack a clear, strategic plan.

By providing an outside perspective, we quickly identify the kinks in the system and partner with you to realign priorities, reorganize design or implement a clear plan of action for sustainability and profitabilityprofitability. In a nutshell, we make what seems difficult, simple.

One area that gets complicated is hiring talent. We worked with the Alpha Phi Foundation search committee to streamline and simplify their hiring process by utilizing the Attribute IndexAttribute Index tool. The AI identifies strengths and weaknesses in a way that complements traditional personality and skill assessments. It is valuable in candidate selection because it measures those traits and/or abilities that directly relate to what is needed to perform a particular job. It complies with the EEOC requirements since it does not identify or discriminate against different racial origins, sexes or ages.

How much do complications cost you?How much do complications cost you?

The Alpha Phi Foundation search committee was able to quickly select a qualified candidate to fill a custom designed role. Through a combination of the Success Trek AI talent assessment and search committee input, they simplified the hiring cycle and were able to utilize talent already within their network.

Has your hiring process become too complicated? Ask yourself if your company is:

Looking for a fast way to discover employee talentdiscover employee talent

Spending too much time and money on recruiting and selection

In need of team and individual development

Contact us for an eye opening no cost conversation!

(219) 680-7720

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April 2015 Newsletter

Engaging your team is simple with more clarity

April 2015 Newsletter Image |SuccessTrekBusiness owners or entrepreneurs often find they have too much to do. Bringing more talent on board can sometimes be one more task that overloads their schedule. How can you realign your workload, empower your employees and be assured that the proper talent will be able to not only complete the work, but excel at it?

Many times leaders just take on the additional tasks at the expense of less than effective output. When clients call us for help, we can help them identify and effectively assign duties to others in a way that benefits everyone.

With a recent client, we worked with them to make a talent inventory by using the Attribute Index, which helped us identify those workers already within the organization who could take on these assignments. There were three staff members who were able to assume some of the duties that the director was eager to let go of.

The result? Breathing room for everyone, increased productivity and efficiency. The staff members were energized to use their identified skills in taking on new duties and the director was confident that workflow had been realigned in a way that made the most sense. All of which ultimately affect morale and the bottom line.

If you’d like to read more on how we used the Attribute Index with our client, Pines Village Retirement Communities, click here. If you’d like us to help your employees excel at work, call us now at 219.680.7720.

For more information on the Attribute Index, read “How to Get the Best Out of Every EmployeeHow to Get the Best Out of Every Employee” or “It’s Enlightening, Provocative and Available to You!

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June 2015 Newsletter

All Onboard! 

“1 in 25 people leave a new job just because of a poor (or no) onboarding program." 



Our process for streamlining and improving organizational orientation processes have allowed our clients to create standardized, comprehensive and engaging onboarding programs.

Are you struggling to find a way to make sure your onboarding process is setting up your employees for success and engagement? Ask yourself if your company is:

    • Suffering from high rates of new employee turnover
    • Struggling to develop a standardized onboarding system
    • In need of engaging, fun, and developmental onboarding and orientation procedures

Learn more about how we helped a regional grocery retailer increase the quality of new employee performance by reading our case study. Click Here to Read the Case Study

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