December 2014 Newsletter

Your Successful Year

Peace on Earth | Success TrekIn the spirit of sending holiday greetings and well wishes, it is also the time of year to wrap up and look back on your 2014 achievements... We hope that you feel you had a successful year. Now, will you take the time to savor it?

In the rush to tie up yearly reports, review employee benefits, and other business challenges, take the time to reflect on what you’ve done this year.

Growth and profitability are not the only measures of success. Perhaps you were thrown a curve ball, whether it was in business or your personal life. Maybe there seemed to be too many challenges to deal with and you are glad to see the year end. We would argue that whatever good and bad came your way this year, you are better today. Whatever your path over the past year, the journey really can be the reward.

It is rare that the trajectory from plan to accomplished goal is a straight line. Those roadblocks and speed bumps that initially frustrated you may have helped you develop something new: skills, a product, your confidence, or building a relationship with family, friend and/or coworkers. In this season of giving, don’t forget to give yourself some credit for pursuing your visions, goals and dreams. Then thank your support team, employees and family members that stuck by you through it all. Stop, reflect and emerge with a refreshed spirit and action plan for the coming year. That is a key to success.

As for those of us at Success Trek®, we wish all of our clients, readers and colleagues a wonderful Christmas season. In lieu of sending individual gifts and greetings, we are making a donation to several charities in our community. We hope that you too can extend the spirit of gratitude, giving, and hope to a cause near and dear to you.

If you aren't part of the Success Trek family, now would be a great time to connect with us and start a conversation about your company's challenges or plans for 2015. Call or email us today.

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