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Are you pushing ahead or getting push-back?2014Novemberenewsletter

Does implementing a new plan guarantee you’ll push ahead? Not always. It’s not unusual to encounter push-back when implementing new processes or plans.

Even if a company has a great strategic plan push back can derail the progress. Whether it is a manager who feels threatened that the changes may eliminate his position or an employee who wasn’t informed of a new procedure, just one or two people is all it takes to stall progress.

It boils down to the most important component of implementing change: communication. If you find that implementation of your latest initiatives seem to be stalling, look at your communication plan. It’s imperative to communicate with all the stakeholders or persons involved in the change.

That means ensuring everyone is informed in a format they use, whether it is verbal or written. Perhaps not every employee has a company email account, but they attend a weekly meeting, which would be the venue to present the information. You can also provide a printed copy for employees to read and sign to acknowledge they are aware of the change.

It is also critically important that you keep communicating by answering questions and requesting feedback.

One company implemented a small process change in their shipping department. A customer placed an order for a product that was out of stock, yet the customer was not contacted. One of the key providers in the order and shipping process had not been notified of the change. The manager neglected to ensure that everyone had been aware of the new process or followed up with the team to be sure they understood why the change was made. After learning about this customer’s order, everyone was informed and the situation was easily corrected. However, in this case, it cost time and customer loyalty.

While I’ve advocated course correction and resolution of problems on the fly, I also want to stress the importance of letting everyone involved know when those changes are implemented. The best way to do this is with a communication plan and steps in notifying everyone involved in a way that keeps your business running like a well-oiled machine.

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