October 2014 Newsletter

Productivity? Employee Issues? Your Office Walls Could be to Blame2014OctoberCuriousBusinessMan

Your business should be humming right along, after all, you’ve done the hard work to develop a solid strategy, aligned the workflow and processes are on track for success. As a leader and manager, you often don’t have time to back up and get to the bottom of employee issues…or do you?

The answer is, make the time. Too often leaders are also managers, balancing an endless laundry list of duties and tasks that keep the company running. They are doing everything right, so how can productivity and employee morale derail so quickly? The answer may surprise you: thin walls.

Whether it is neighboring exam rooms, conference rooms, or offices, voices carry and in most modern buildings, thin walls or low cubicles are the norm. This means employees often overhear snippets of conversation, one-sided conversations or just enough to take things out of context. Then the assumptions begin and people talk. Before you know it, you may feel that you are  faced with initiating disciplinary action or discharging the employee from employment.

In these cases, applying swift justice may be detrimental to all involved. In the case of one of my clients, she nearly fired the wrong employee until she decided to do due diligence and research the situation fully. You can read more about that herehere.

Making assumptions is always risky, making them based on what you thought you heard can spell disaster.

If you find yourself caught in the telephone game with your business, Success Trek can help you with this and other productivity and employee challenges. Call or email us today.

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