August 2014 Newsletter

Don't Let Firing An Employee Be Your Best Solution201408Yourefired

Many times a company contacts me for help in moving ahead. The conversation begins with something akin to “We seem stuck.” They sense a bottleneck in operationsand assume the correct way to fix it is by firing the current worker in that position and getting someone new.

My response? “Not so fast.”

They are surprised to find that by executing an individual development plan, it helps an underperforming employee leap ahead, not only fulfilling the position but excelling in it. In some cases they can confidently reassign the employee to a position that they all agree is a better fit. In the rare instance that the employee is terminated, both the company and the employee know they had explored all avenues before making the decision.

Why use an Individual Development Plan (IDP)? It is a great tool to address andidentify areas that have not been developed without personally criticizing the employee. Engaging the employee as part of the process ensures their motivation and full understanding of the work requirements. Instead of the employee feeling as ifthey are floundering on their own, they have the support, resources and structure to retool their skill sets.

There are several ways to identify the area in need of development; one of which is the Attribute Index (AI)Attribute Index (AI). We can also uncover skill sets by observing workflow, interviewing the employee and their co-workers, and reviewing job descriptions.

A manufacturing facility doesn’t think twice about retrofitting an expensive piece of machinery if it means improved performance, why wouldn’t you do the same with an experienced worker already familiar with your company mission and culture?

Helping individuals to develop their skills benefits the company across the board. Other workers feel more motivated to work as a team when everyone is utilizing their skills, gaps in workflow are corrected and any animosity toward co-workers decreases as they see the improvement in performance.

It also makes economic sense too, studies have shown that the actual cost of replacing an employeereplacing an employee can be more than three times the employee's annual salary.

“It was great to see this tool (the IDP) bring a solution to this problem, thanks.”

If you’re thinking firing is the best solution, I say, “Not so fast.” Give us a call at Success Trek and let us guide your employee back on track and keep you on the road to profitability.

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