November 2008 Newsletter

Staff celebrates Success Trek transition


CEO Theresa Valade and her staff are marking the rollout of Success Trek and the transition from The Growth Coach name.

November 2008 Newsletter ImageAs business coaches, Success Trek continues to work with clients to think differently on how to realize their potential and redirect their outcomes. The team is involved in facilitating strategic-planning retreats while providing tools and systems to creatively solve business problems and assist in the implementation process. Since 2006, the team has helped clients through the process of getting “unstuck.”

Coaching remains a key part of Success Trek, but Valade is also offering organizational development, including financial review and strategies, strategic planning, team and HR development and critical thinking assessments.

The team continues to grow with Doug Hadley joining the staff full time. Hadley brings speaking expertise, leading workshops, motivational speeches and seminars.

Valade is excited about the changes at Success Trek and looks forward to helping business professionals become more successful.

“We not only coach the executives and front-line leaders, but also the team members, all to help our clients improve their business performance,” Valade said. “We create customized benchmarks so all of our clients can really see the results.”

Valade feels the new name emphasizes how the process is a journey, with the Success Trek team as a guide.

“We take our clients to a place where they can gain a fresh perspective,” Valade said. “Then they can make better decisions.”


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