September 2008 Newsletter

How do you lead in a wired world?


This month’s tip balances technology, life:

September 2008 Newsletter ImageMost leaders in today’s business world are plugged in. From blogs to Blackberries to Instant Messaging to 24-hour news, technology is an integral part of every day.

Recognizing the effects and challenges of staying connected can help you lead your team more effectively. With so much information available from so many sources and the ability to always be connected, it is vital to figure out how to address the challenges of a wired world.


Let these ideas inspire your way to getting a grip on life with technology.

  1. Know yourself: Take time to figure out where technology fits into your life. How connected do you want to be? What is necessary? Answering these questions provides an outline for what to expect from yourself.
  2. Know what you want from your staff: No matter how connected you decide to be, let your team members know what you expect of them. Don’t just let your behavior be the model, communicate your expectations.
  3. Close that email box: Block off a morning or afternoon once a week to work like it’s 1974. Get up and talk to your employees or co-workers face to face instead of sending an email. Actually pick up the phone and call that client and have a real conversation. Make this your creative time.
  4. Put the right tools in your toolbox: Focus on what technology works best for you and cut out what doesn’t.
  5. Unplug at night: Don’t answer your cell phone, check email or surf the Net at least one night a week. Spend time with family, friends, reading a book or whatever makes you happy.

With the world of technology ever-evolving, a leader’s role is always shifting. Finding the right balance helps you control the tech-side of your life so it doesn’t control you.

This month’s tip was adapted from Kevin Eikenberry’s Perspective as it appeared online at Inside Indiana Business.


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august 2008 newsletter image 2Myth: Your lunch hour – purely optional.

It’s noon on a Monday and you are buried in work. Skip lunch and get more done or take the time for a breather?

Here’s how to make the most of your midday break.


  • A change of scenery: Get up and get away from your workspace for a real rest. By sitting at your desk and eating, you aren’t getting the mental break you really need.
  • Get moving: Sneak in some exercise to jumpstart your afternoon. If you have to run errands, weave some walk time into this chore.
  • Be an early bird: Dodge the lunchtime crowds by varying when you take your lunch hour. Go early and avoid waiting in line and you will have more time to unwind and enjoy your food.
  • Team building: Grab grub with a buddy or connect with a co-worker to make your break more of a social event.


Even though it’s just an hour, lunch is an escape from the workday that can energize the rest of the afternoon and boost productivity.

This month’s Squash the Myth was adapted from an article written by the Success magazine staff.


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Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.


James Allen



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