April 2008 Newsletter

How can I analyze where I am today?

This month’s tip takes a moment to slow down:

In order to see a clearer picture of where you want to go, it is a good idea to take the time to analyze what is going on today. You can identify what will help and what will hurt the process as you work your way toward your goals.

“Where are you today?”

This is the first big question that strategic planning answers. A strategic plan creates a vision of the future and works toward that goal. The plan works in concert under a mission, vision and value strategy. Remember, this process can help guide both businesses and individuals toward a more productive and profitable future. For more details on Strategic Plans, take a moment to review our February and March newsletters.

In your mission statement you are taking a look at where you or your organization is today, a SWOT analysis helps to define your current situation.

What is SWOT analysis? This tool allows businesses or individuals to assess their path toward an objective by examining:

Strengths: A business’s or individual’s attributes that are helpful to achieving the objective

Weaknesses: A business’s or individual’s attributes that are harmful to achieving the objective

Opportunities: External factors that help the objective

Threats: External factors that harm the objective

By putting pen to paper, you will really be able to see the next step to take. Now you can take the time to think about using your strengths, stopping your weaknesses, making the most of your opportunities and defending against identified threats.

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This month’s business tip was adapted from the textbook “Crafting and Executing a Strategy” by Thompson, Strickland III, and Gamble and Wikipedia.

Squash the Myth:

Myth: The easy route is the best path to success.

Some people were given a roadmap in life with only a few bumps and obstacles. They just seem to breeze along reaching their goals while facing few difficulties. An envious existence, perhaps, but let’s reflect on why confronting challenges is better in the long run.

Sure pleasant experiences make life delightful, but think about what times in your life you have learned the most. Taking on challenges and emerging as a stronger person on the other side spotlight why obstacles are critical to life’s successes.

The painful experiences lead to growth. These experiences and suffering through them point to areas where you need to transform, change and grow. And this will lead you down a richer path to success.

This month’s Squash the Myth was adapted from Fr. Anthony DeMello’s “Awareness.”

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

– Warren Buffett

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