January 2008 Newsletter

There are some definite planning steps that you can take now that will dramatically increase the likelihood that you’ll obtain results you desire that are tempered with the reality of your current situation.

Here at Success Trek, we encourage you to work in 90-day increments. The biggest reason for this is that, over 15 years or so, we have found out that this creates RESULTS.

So, what can you do over the next 90 days to increase your likelihood of success, whether you are currently updating your strategic plan or thinking about getting to those soccer and little league games that will be here before you know it?

1. Focus on the vital few, not the trivial many
2. Establish 3-5 “monster size” goals in each important area of your business:

  • Leadership
  • Management/Systems
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Operations/Customer Fulfillment
  • Customer Service
  • Back-office Support

3. For each goal, assign a champion, due date, resources and authority
4. Keep your goals SMART

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Really Desired
  • Timed

5. Be sure there is accountability – follow up, follow through, implement, generate

To your continued success,

            Success Trek

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