April 2009 Newsletter

Are you a coach or a manager?

This month’s tip helps you be a better leader:

Take a moment to consider how you work with your team or staff on a daily basis.

April 2009 Newsletter ImageYou know you’re a manager if … you only see things in the short-term, plan out details of how work should be done, focus on results and create rules.

You know you’re a coach if … you envision the future, set a direction of how things should be accomplished, strive for achievement and see rules as opportunities.

By taking on the coach role, you not only enrich your professional relationships, but also enhance your business’s environment. You can take your company or organization to the next level by leading your team as a coach and leaving those managerial tendencies behind.

Teach, don’t tell: Coaches guide their team members with lessons. By not instructing employees on exactly what to do, coaches allow their employees to build their own skill sets and be self-reliant.

Let your employees flourish: Coaches give their team members room to grow! Managers focus on every little detail, stifling their employees’ creativity and ability to make the position their own.

Focus on your people: Sure policies and procedures keep a business running smoothly, but coaches have the ability to see outside of the tasks. Coaches realize that the “how” of tasks isn’t written in stone and that the staff sets the tone of how a workplace functions.

Coaches are leaders because they follow their vision: taking their companies and staff members along the way, guiding their teams toward long-term goals and tackling any obstacles that arise.


January 2010 Newsletter Image 2

Myth: Everyone’s joining the pessimists’ club.

It’s easy to fall in line with all of the other cynics who are voicing their constant negativity about today’s economy and business climate. Layoffs are everyday news and the stock market remains mixed. But bucking this trend will keep you going when the tide turns and the economy starts its upward swing.

It’s all about attitude

You know how much your attitude influences your life and business environment, but during times like these, a reminder is essential. Shifting your outlook to sunny may take practice (especially if you are a pessimist at heart) but the benefits will be bountiful.

Start with the basics of what is good in your life and business. It’s a simple premise that can be worked into your daily routine. Maybe wrap up the day by taking a moment to jot down what your biggest accomplishment was, even if it was just a small task.

Lessons learned

It’s hard to see what you are gaining in the midst of confronting challenges, but with each hurdle you overcome, a lesson will emerge. Are you learning new ways to creatively solve problems? Are you handling clients differently? Are you discovering new sales techniques? Are you growing as a leader and business professional?

Recognizing the up side to the down times will make you a stronger professional, boost your confidence and help you make the best decisions for your business. A fresh outlook will prompt the momentum to move you and your business forward.


Are you facing new challenges?

The Success Trek team is ready to talk! Sit down with us for a conversation and we will listen to your issues and challenges during a complimentary business or individual coaching session. For more information, contact Theresa Valade at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 219-680-7720. 

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