January 2009 Newsletter

How can I sharpen my time management skills?

This month’s tip prioritizes tasks:

January 2009 Newsletter ImageIf it’s January you can bet on a few things: cold, packed gyms and lots of diet company ads on TV. Whether you launch the year with a list of resolutions or not, you can make your day more productive without even breaking a sweat.

A key skill to being a success is managing your time and daily tasks. By giving structure to your day, you will be more productive and efficient.

Prioritize: Take the time to figure out what activities have the highest payoff. These priorities will be the foundation for making decisions and facing challenges throughout the day.

Write it down: Whether you put it on paper or a calendar or type up a daily to-do list, you need to follow a written plan every work day. Make sure the essential tasks are at the top of the list in the order of importance. These should be items you must complete by the end of the day. Then prioritize your other tasks, perhaps some assignments can wait until tomorrow? Delete or check off what you get done to see what you are accomplishing!

Deadlines: Set reasonable target dates to complete your projects and follow your own deadlines. A time limit helps you stay on track and be more productive.  

This month’s tip was adapted from an article by Paul J. Meyer as it appeared online at Success magazine.

Myth: Small business means small marketing plan.

January 2010 Newsletter Image 2Many small business owners must juggle varied roles, from financial advisor to administrative assistant. It can be overwhelming to think of donning another hat: marketing guru. Entrepreneurs not ready to invest in a marketing company can still put their businesses in the spotlight.

First, make sure to review marketing materials every year. As your business evolves, you need to present a consistent image. It doesn’t matter how many sources your materials come from as long as the message is the same.

Second, send out an e-newsletter. The tool is an easy way to stay in touch with clients and reach out to potential ones.

Third, work your way toward being an expert in your field. Check out online forums or consider writing for local publications. You will stay in the public eye and increase your name recognition.

This month’s Squash the Myth was adapted from the article “Marketing for Every Small Business” by Phil Daniels.


What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

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“People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.”

– William James

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