January 2010 Newsletter

A Website Revolution


Things have been extremely exciting here at Success-Trek with the start of the New Year. As of today we have re-launched our Website to make it more interactive and easier for you to connect with us.

The work started in the spring of 2009 with a vision for change. From there, it was a matter of communicating what

January 2010 Newsletter Imagewe wanted to our designer, writing the content, producing YouTube videos, programming the website and bringing it all together.

Reworking the Website has been educational, at the least, and offers several insights for those considering undertaking the same task. Among them:


 Patience is key.  From the planning to putting together the many technological components, and 

handling the final details, a Website redesign takes time. It’s a process that requires teamwork and imagination. There will be hang-ups along theway, since nothing goes as expected, but the reward is greater than than the pain.

Less is more.  As we learned when we launched the old Website in 2007, clutter is not your friend. Keep the site clean so visitors can find what they need in a snap and get on their way. No one likes to spend 10 minutes trying to find the “contact us” link, and they may not stick around to do so.
Get creative to minimize cost.  Figure out what you can do on a shoestring budget. Even if you do have the resources, they may be put to better use elsewhere. Why spend a ton of money on a site when you can do it for less?
Hopefully, you will  find these tips helpful and our new look appealing and user-friendly.  Access to our e-newsletters, blog, YouTube content and other features are just a click away.   We welcome your feedback.


 Myth:   My website is AWESOME!   

Change isn’t easy. There’s so much to do and then the adjustments to be made after the work is done. It seems so much easier to leave things the way they are. If it ain’t broke, as Ann Landers used to say, don’t fix it.

January 2010 Newsletter Image 2


 Except change can be good. As a fresh coat of paint gives a room a new look, an updated Website can reinvigorate a business from the outside in, giving visitors a great first impression of everything going on inside.

So brace yourself, pick a new color and grab that paintbrush, because here we go:

 Words matter, so choose them carefully. The text on your site needs to vividly describe your company, products and services. Select appropriate keywords to hook into search engines, so your potential audience can find you. Remember, too, that the text on your site will turn visitors into customers, so focus your message on how your company benefits its clients.

Fresh Website material keeps visitors coming back to see what’s new. The same old, same old will chase away folks who don’t see anything they haven’t seen before. A changing site will reap dividends down the road.
Websites have to evolve to meet the demands of their audience, and to reflect changing technologies. If nothing changed, we’d still be riding horses and getting our messages via carrier pigeon, but those modes – thankfully – became outdated. Don’t let the world pass your Website by.
Websites need constant technical supervision to run smoothly. Your host server should always do what it’s supposed to, files and file directory structures need to remain intact, and links have to be functional. Also monitor how much traffic you’re getting and where it’s coming from, to evaluate how effective your site is.
Information for this myth was gathered from Morse and Company, and www.qualitywebmasters.net/update.htmwww.qualitywebmasters.net/update.htm



What’s YOUR vision for change?


The Success Trek team is ready to talk!  Sit down with us and we will listen to your issues and challenges.  For more information, contact Theresa Valade at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 219-680-7720. 



 Information on Free HR Webinars


Success Trek partner, Preventive HR, offers a free Webinar. The title for January  is "Total Compensation Communication.”


To receive notification of the date and registration, go to www.hrsentry.comwww.hrsentry.com and provide your email address.  You will also be notified of future free webinars.  These webinars are provided by HRSentry which Preventive HR offers through an alliance.


Preventive HR is dedicated to providing its clients with tools and resources to help them efficiently and effectively manage their organizations.   Preventive HR has teamed with HR Made Simple to create a free webinar series that will address various Human Resource topics.

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