July 2010 Newsletter

Myth: Work and Life Balance Can Never Exist


July 2010 Newsletter ImageClimbing the corporate ladder and taking care of yourself and your family are often talked about in “either/or” terms. Either you’re advancing professionally or you’re flourishing personally---but seldom, if ever, are you doing both at the same time. And for families with two full-time working parents, finding the time for living a balanced life seems nearly impossible. Each feel too stretched, never quite able to devote their whole selves to home or to work…too much to juggle and always a struggle.


But something has shifted in today’s workplace that has changed the “either/or” to a demand for a “both/and” when pursuing a career and finding balance in your life. Today, employees are no longer content to just settle for a job; they are researching corporations that are known for their work/life balance (yes, there really are many out there).

Today, more and more companies (CEOs, are you paying attention?) are beginning to understand that in order to keep employees happy and healthy, they have to make realistic accommodations for personal and family time. Initially thought of as a sacrifice to the bottom line, corporations are now realizing that these accommodations actually enable the company to save money by letting them keep their best employees, avoid re-training new employees and increase overall employee satisfaction.


Still not convinced? Then check out Fortune Magazine’s 100 best companies to work for under their “Life/Work” balance section,

http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/bestcompanies/best_benefits/work-life.htmlhttp://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/bestcompanies/best_benefits/work-life.html Many of these companies offer on-site health club facilities, host community service projects on company time, make telecommuting and flextime schedules available, and more than 90% provide job-sharing and compressed work weeks. Other amenities included child-care availability and financial services.


So when you're looking for a job or choosing a career, remember to look for companies that promote not only professional advancement, but also personal growth. Today, there are options. And if these options weren't within the companies' best interests, they wouldn't be there. By offering flexibility in the workplace, no one is doing you a favor. In fact, you're helping them by being able to create a life/work balance that is essential to performing your best at home and at work.


Can we help you polish your juggling act?

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