June 2010 Newsletter

Myth: Don’t mix business with family and friends.

You know how it goes. Those fights you had with your best friend in elementary school, the perceived favoritism you saw toward your sibling growing up – the last thing in the world you want to do is work with close friends or family and have all those emotional moments bubble up in the boardroom! Ask anyone and they'll tell you that working with family and friends is to be avoided at all costs.

June 2010 Newsletter ImageBut in this economy, that may not be possible. Due to layoffs and downsizing, many of us have moved from working in a Mom and Pop shop to literally working with Mom and Pop.

Freelancing and business start-ups have dramatically increased in the past two years as workers have moved out of the corporate world. And when you're working for yourself, it's much easier for family and friends to ask for your services. Here's the part where we run and hide, right? Not so fast.


You have to set boundaries like you would with any client regarding pricing, timelines and product expectations (If you can't do that at the start, then politely pass on the opportunity).

Encourage them to shop around so they truly feel like you are the best choice. Bring in a third party as a buffer who can help steer the ship if the waters get choppy. And provide them with the same care and attention you would your best client. 

With the proper boundaries in place, you  may find that working with friends and family actually deepens your personal and professional relationship. As one freelance writer who worked with her sister once said, "Working together helped us discover a new side of each other and ourselves that we never knew existed."

How about you? Do you think you can work, or have you worked with family and close friends?

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