May 2010 Newsletter

Myth: My emotions do not affect my job.

May 2010 Newsletter ImageYou know you’re smart. These days, though, book smarts, street smarts or even business smarts aren’t enough to get you through the workday, let alone advance your career. You need Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is defined as “the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions.” A more in-depth explanation is at The site also offers a quiz to evaluate your EI.
In the words of Scott Halford in a recent piece on the American Express Website, EI is “the set of non-cognitive (non-IQ) capabilities that predict a person’s overall life and workplace success…up to six times greater than IQ alone.” Find the full article at
He suggests three ways to start practicing EI:

Witness, then emulate: Says Halford, “Look for incidents where things could go bad, but the situation worked out because someone used common sense and a level head.” That behavior should serve as your model.
Ask questions: Control your emotions in heated situations. Use a few seconds to form a non-confrontational statement or question. Those few seconds just might save your career.
Become aware of yourself: Realize the impact of your own negative behavior. People will not respond positively to you if you are difficult to be around. 

How do you rate your Emotional Intelligence?


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