August 2012 Newsletter

What’s your IQ on performance evaluations?

august 2012 newsletter imageIt’s not unusual when I am working with committees on strategic planning or change management initiatives that the topic of job descriptions and performance evaluations becomes a part of the conversation. Whether or not the individuals held a position in management, most expressed a mix of emotions, an increased heart rate and felt as if they were playing the game of Clue to participate and complete this required job task. Why? Both the manager and employee attributed their opinions to an absence of ongoing feedback about their performance.

Read on and let me share with you my experience in the first of a series of enewsletters over the next few months about the myths, and facts of performance evaluations.

Myth- Managers inherently know how to conduct performance evaluations.

Fact - Managers seldom receive little if any training or have helpful tools available to aid in the completion of performance evaluations. They dread the performance evaluation process and want to run from it rather than look forward to it. The discussions of an individual’s performance often occur near a fixed time frame such as raises, instead of throughout the year.

Further research revealed that according to a poll taken in 2009 by Reuters, 4 out of 5 U.S. workers are dissatisfied with their job performance reviews. In addition, an article published in 2010 by The Psychological Bulletin, psychologists concluded that at least 30% of the performance reviews ended up in decreased employee performance.

Yikes! Do you have any idea how your company measures up to these stats?

Take that first step, and begin talking with your employees frequently about how they are doing on the job. It’s all about feedback, and more feedback. Assure them when they are in line with company goals, and help realign them when they drift off course. No need for employees to be in limbo, and learn after the fact, that they are not meeting standards.

Think about your favorite teacher or coach, didn’t they always give you timely and meaningful feedback to help you grow?

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