July 2012 Newsletter

Castaway 2 workplace myths!

july 2012 imageOrganizations of all types, large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit, work to implement policies and procedures to reduce stress in the workplace, and increase people's motivation and job satisfaction while maintaining organizational performance. Perhaps you have tried a few strategies of your own and the outcomes did not match up to your solutions. So are you wondering, what’s holding things up?

Recently I teamed up with a major business in the community to survey the skills sets and attitudes of their employees and the need for further training. I discovered that some long held beliefs sabotaged their goal to build a strong team. Here are a couple of myths that surfaced.

Myth- Employers that recruit the best talent in the field, hold the opinion that outcomes will inevitably follow.

Fact- Even the shining stars of a company need feedback. Employers need to acknowledge and recognize employees for their performance. The lack of recognition can contribute to employee frustration and impact morale. Recognition is a huge motivator, and in any organization, promotes not only big smiles but also employee sustainability.

Myth- Everyone knows what accountability means in the workplace.

Fact- Surveys revealed that “accountability” has a different meaning amongst employees. Family, health, finances, and other personal obligations occupy and sometimes distract employees while at work. Keeping tabs on the company goals can be a challenge for some employees. It is very important for leadership team to review on a regular basis the company goals or strategic plan. If an individual does not understand the “how to” of a specific task, or makes short cuts in work practices, it can negatively affect the company’s bottom line. Remember that accountability sets the controls in the workplace, helps leaders know if the right employees are in the right position, drives the business, and serves as the gauge for what is, or what is not on track.

Reset your sensors, dispel those workplace myths, and get back on track to improve your organization’s performance.

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