June 2012 Newsletter

Time is in the palm of your hand!

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Small changes to your daily routine can make a big impact among your team and reduce the “no one told me” kind of interoffice communications that can occur. Scheduling meetings with key stakeholders for a department project or keeping personnel informed of new initiatives and policies can sometimes be a daunting task. Instead of consuming your valuable time to make a face-to-face meeting to give the team an update, audio memo recordings may be just for you.

Voice recording is efficient, effective, personable, and a real time saver for both you and the members of your office. With team members in different locations during the day or week, perhaps distracted by the demands of the job, they can retrieve an update from you at their convenience. To assess how this seven-minute venue of communication was received, I tested it out among my consultants and team members. Eureka! The voice recording was a hit to use for our company and project updates.

To create your audio memos,use an iPhone or hand held recorder. It’s easy and simple.

  1. Jot a list of the most pressing and pertinent topics to share with your team, for example, personnel update, marketing update, company successes, etc.
  2. Plan the announcements for each of the topics listed. For the iPhone application, select the voice memo button, and begin your voice recording. After you have completed your list of announcements, select “stop record.”
  3. Select “email” and send a brief email to the team, informing them to listen to the voice recording by specific date.

If you’re using a voice recorder for team updates, select “record.” When you are finished with the recording, complete the final steps according to the instructions of your personal recorder and get ready to receive a thumbs up reply from your team.

Build teamwork, keep your team informed, adopt a new habithabit, and experience this time saver with audio memo recordings. You will be glad you did! And so will your team members!

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