May 2012 Newsletter

Myth: More emails please!

may newsletter image Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Is this the emergency call that sounds in your head upon opening your email Inbox? Everyone wants your attention and they want it now. Who doesn’t need some help to manage those incoming emails or respond timely to the sender in today’s work world? No matter whom the email is from, you feel overloaded with information any day of the week. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from your boss, the people that report to you, a client, or friends. I have a few strategiesstrategies to offer you to manage your email Inbox.

Tip 1- Folder structure. Create a folder structure for your emails, and don’t be afraid to make it complex. Begin by making a list of the companies with which you frequently interact and then build subcategories for each of these groups. For example: Enter the name of the company and list subcategories associated to the emails (i.e. projects, meetings, invoices, to name a few). Then create rules that send the emails to the appropriate folders. This way you can view the folders when time permits.

Tip 2- Send a better e-mailbetter e-mail. Yes, it all starts with you standing a better email. Always fill in the subject line and use no more than 50 characters to stand out in a crowded in box. Start with summarizing the topic rather than describing it. This practice will help both you and the reader prioritize emails.

Tip 3- Prioritize accordingly. In your excitement to revise your current practices, don’t overhaul your folder system all at once. Building your folder structure in a logical and relevant manner over a period of time will alleviate confusion and help you remember where you placed the information.

No need for you to sound the alarm. Start acting, and make every email count!

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