June 2014 Newsletter

What is the Value in Venting?Free Speech

Helping people to hop on board with change, and know that they are an important part of the process to solve challenges is what we do. We’ve accomplished that time and again for our clients. It’s not often that we toot our own horn here at Success Trek, but today we’ll let others do it for us.

We leverage the talent on the team to solve problems in the workplace. Often, it begins with specific direction about working on individual issues and not necessarily work stuff. This is just one of the responses from a mid-level manager that we worked with, “I probably will always have stuff to vent about to you because you get it and seem to care unlike the deaf ears I am used to complaining too...” While it may sound like complaining, it actually was a very valuable exchange. When a key individual vents, it helps us understand the dynamic of the organization, the depth of some of the challenges the organization faces, and how we should ask questions to help resolve issues and solve problems.

We seek to remain free from judgment and look to facilitate open conversations to achieve some kind of solution or resolution to a people dynamic or business problem. Those conversations provide the insight on the individuals’ challenges or frustrations, which is a great starting point for their own transformation. Working on their personal development gives them a renewed confidence in their role within the organization which directly translates into improved work performance.

On a recent follow up email, we checked in with one of our clients to recap the positive changes that were already occurring within the company during our time working together. We ended the email with just a short message about their value to the team. Here is what I received in return: “Thank you for the encouraging email! I truly appreciate it! I am feeling very good about our conversation last week. It was just what I need to reinstate my belief that this is where I should be. It really helps me to know that you are here to help us be the best team we can be. Even more so that you are here to help me reach my full potential.”

There’s a saying, “Change begins with you.” Why not see how your business or organization can get back on track when Success Trek works with you and your team members? It may just be the personal, and professional development tool you’ve been looking for.

Do you need to vent? We’ll listen and help you with solutions for improved productivity and efficiency – call us today.

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