April 2014 Newsletter

It's Enlightening, Provocative and Available to You!2014 April

If you are looking to boost your individual skills, or need to pull together your corporate management into a more cohesive unit, consider one of the most enlightening and provocative exercises I use with many of my clients - the Attribute Index (AI).

Created by Dr. Robert S. Harman, University of Tennessee, the AI is based on the science of Axiology, a formal system of identifying and measuring value. It assesses an individual’s propensity and capacity to value, which is the way a person thinks, evaluates and makes decisions. Think of it as a filtration system that demonstrates our subconscious preference for making decisions, based on one of three distinct styles: personal (intrinsic), practical, (extrinsic) or analytical (systemic).

Using a tool such as the AI highlights how important individuality is, even in a corporate setting. Research has shown that no single human being uses each dimension or thinking module equally to make a decision, so our decisions and actions differ. You’ve already seen this in action. Any time there is a room full of people with a project or issue, there are varying ideas and opinions on how to proceed. Understanding how team members make decisions allows you to leverage that knowledge to make better decisions, maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses and achieve greater success in any project.

When uniqueness is embraced, organizations excel. It increases understanding, allows for better utilization of skills and alignment of work. Using the AI can help you understand your team’s tendency toward decision making as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses in a way that supersedes traditional personality and strength assessments.

Success Trek can provide you with the assessment and results. This tool complies with the EEOC requirements and does not identify or discriminate against different racial origins, sexes or ages. It can also be used in candidate selection because it measures those traits and/or abilities that directly relate to what is needed to perform a particular job.

Next month we’ll dive deeper into understanding how the results of an Attribute Index can be used to increase productivity, employee cohesiveness and effectiveness.

If you are ready to put this powerful tool to work, call us today at Success Trek to get started.

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