March 2014 Newsletter



If it's not broke, should you fix it anyway?

It’s easy to think when a business is running smoothly that if it's not broke, don't fix it.On the other hand, how do you know it’s as good as it can be?

When a process is obviously flawed, business owners are willing to implement the steps necessary to get back on track. It is just as important to be open to improvements even when things seem good enough. Improved efficiencies, increased revenue and even a morale boost to the workforce can all be the results of a fresh look at workflow processes.

Improving what already works is faster and more cost effective than rebuilding from scratch. To an outsider, sticking points are readily apparent. Often, they are also obvious to the employees working closely in the process. Employees provide a unique perspective and are a rich source of new ideas to improve processes and workflow. When working with an outside consultant, they often feel more confident in speaking candidly about their tasks, their frustrations and successes.

As a collaborative effort between leadership, employees and consultant, the resulting strategy helps your workforce realize the value of their skills and contributions to the company. Once they realize this, it often increases morale, productivity and retention.

The exercise of observing the process, workflow and resulting performance of the improvements are often a blueprint for sustaining growth and profitability, and that is when a well-oiled machine can really run smoothly.

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