November 2013 Newsletter


Is This Virus Going Around Your Company!Virus picture

A department manager sits at her desk, frustrated with the overlap in the current management structure but too afraid to bring up a suggestion at the next meeting.

A supervisor with a new position is afraid he lacks the skills for these additional responsibilities.

A Vice President senses that he’s not getting the whole story from key personnel during the weekly meeting.

They are all looking for solutions, but can’t seem to find them due to a common condition. What is this virus?   Perspective Breakdown.

Fortunately, it isn’t terminal.

In times of transition, (both growth and reversal) emotions can run high. Without a strategic plan, clear goals or definitive management roles, workflow and personnel fall victim to personal power struggles, kneejerk reactions or worse, at a standstill. Continually looking inward, companies narrow their vision and soon find themselves blocked. During these highly charged phases an outside perspective can be a highly effective solution.

Working with a consultant allows management and employees a neutral, non-judgmental atmosphere to speak candidly about what works and what doesn’t work with current leadership or workflow.

When an outside perspective illuminates the sticking points and strategies for improving current processes, the results are often leaps and bounds ahead of expectations. However, a skilled consultant will also be mindful of implementing steps to keep things on pace to avoid outgrowing the current structure.

If management feels tapped out, a brainstorming session hits a snag or things are changing faster than the workforce can adapt, consider the advantage of an outside viewpoint to assess skill sets, workflow and organizational structure. From that vantage point, a consultant can help you get back on track to sustainable growth and profitability – without the nagging symptoms of Perspective Breakdown.


Lakeside Wealth Management

Today the Lakeside Wealth Management organization is making leaps and bounds in the areas of problem solving and company growth.  

Ask yourself if your company is: 

  • Looking to enhance Leadership Skills?
  • Wanting to move forward together as a team?
  • Ready to develop problem solving skills to increase company growth?

 Success Trek has been providing a new perspective and results-driven strategies for companies and organizations in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area. If your progress has stalled, contact us today to discuss your unique business challenges.

Stop putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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