October 2013 Newsletter

Are you operating without a huntingtraining manual?

Nothing can derail workflow faster than employees that don't know where they fit into an organization's overall plan. They may not realize how their task or department directly contributes to the success of the output. Frustration will mount and soon, you may find yourself with a gap in workflow or high employee turnover.

Whether you have a workforce of 20 or 2,000, one of the most effective, yet simple ways to be sure that everyone is moving in the same direction is with a well-developed training manual.

Many companies have standard HR information for new hires yet leave the training to an immediate supervisor. The new worker may get a very narrow view of the company and not understand the overall enterprise. If every employee knows and understands the process involved in creating a product or delivering a service, they are more likely to feel valued as an employee. Employees that feel they are appreciated and essential to the job are more productive and stay longer.

It's a good idea to re-examine your existing training materials on a regular basis. Ensure there is a consistent message to all employees so they know their contribution to the finished product is vital to the entire organization's success. Revisions should be made to include new technology or dramatic changes in the size of the workforce. Each organization has its own unique characteristics, so include those in your overall workflow training

If you promote an atmosphere that encourages employees to speak candidly regarding workflow, then updating and fine tuning your training manual will not be an overly daunting task. Especially ask those employees frustrated by the current process to uncover what step in the process was not clearly communicated.

Think of your training program and materials as an ever evolving entity that keeps things running like a well-oiled machine, not something an employee receives on their first day only to be shelved and forgotten.




The SVT, LLC. company, that is a leader in the local grocery industry, has embarked on a mission to create a Training Centric Culture in their organization. The focus includes all stakeholders from CEO to stocker.

 Ask yourself if your company is: 

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  • Looking to enhance your training culture?
  • In need of creating an organized process for your employees? 

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