September 2013 Newsletter

Five Tough Questions You Should Ask

You may have considered enlisting the aid of a consultant to help your business overcome challenges. You may have even worked with a consultant only to be underwhelmed by the results. Many business owners fear their methods will be criticized and eliminated only to be replaced with a cookie cutter solution that doesn’t deliver.

Sept2013bigstockMagnifyingGlass43464535However, the right partner and advocate can quickly move your business from stuck to spectacular. When seeking an outside perspective on workforce development, workflow improvement or strategic direction, asking the right questions is the key to finding a consultant that will work with you to find a unique, individualized solution. Here are five questions you should ask:

  1. Do you provide an individualized plan based on our unique business environment?
  2. Does your process include interviews with employees and observation & evaluation of our current processes before offering a solution?
  3. Once you provide the results of the observation and findings, is continuing support available?
  4. What previous experience do you bring to the process?
  5. What are typical results that your clients have experienced?

If your candidate is quick to tell you what you need before they have spent time among your workforce, observed your processes or listened to your particular business challenges, chances are you will be underwhelmed with the results. Asking questions before you embark on a client-consultant relationship can make the difference between hiring a consultant and engaging with a strategic partner.

Success Trek works as your partner in your proprietary business improvement project, working closely with you and your associates, in confidence, through every stage of the process. We believe that your people are the richest resource for providing the solutions to improved growth and workflow, and we stay connected through implementation and beyond.

Saqui Research LLC

When you're struggling to clarify your identity as a business owner while taking your career to the next level... the last thing you want is a "one size fits all" approach to business development. Success Trek provided custom systems and processes to take Ursula Saqui's business from where it was to where she wants it to be.

Ask yourself if your company is looking for someone that can:

  • Identify specific challenges and provide the right solutions
  • Create a very personalized approach
  • Take your systems and processes to the next level

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