August 2013 Newsletter

How to Hit a Moving Target

Do you contend with a constantly changing element that demands adapting and realigning your service, product or method of operation? It can feel as if you are trying to hit a moving target.

In the midst of change, leadership and team development is not only possible, it is critical. Identifying clear expectations, protocols and goals create a foundation that keeps a company growing even when instability is a constant. Your teams can function at higher efficiency when leadership embraces these foundational concepts.

August-2013-graphicExpectations: When goals are set among the team, expectations are clearly communicated and buy-in by all personnel is achieved. Expecting the unexpected and being prepared with an executable plan keeps your organization from being derailed by a new twist, whether it’s a change in costs, customer count or regulations.

Protocols: Clear baseline procedures are built from the statement of team goals. Reviewing the current methods through shadowing and observation identifies gaps or redundancies. Best practices should be followed, but allow your employees to make suggestions for improvement. This encourages cooperation and reinforces the concept of operating as a team.

Goals: The successful organization knows that regular periodic review and update is critical, especially in a changing environment. This review points back to employee suggestions, recent changes and shifting expectations. Revising goals does not mean that your organization is off track, in fact, it signals proactive efforts and adaptability. Leadership’s behavior influences the entire organization’s adherence to new goals, new protocols and new direction.

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New Chicago Location

Success Trek is growing and pleased to announce the opening of its second location. Effective August 1, 2013 the new premier location will be in the heart of Chicago at 2030 Humboldt Blvd., #2N.
Read the NWI Times press release.

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