July 2013 Newsletter

Put the FLOW Back into your Workflow

If your company has "bottlenecks" slowing down certain processes, these five streamlining tips will help re-establish flow and efficiency for a better bottom line!

  1. july-2013-speakup-flowRole clarification – Reviewing responsibilities of new and existing employees, always helps clarify roles and removes uncertainty that can otherwise result in delays and mistakes.
  2. Remove redundancies – simplify tasks and processes by removing unnecessary steps. Also, ensure role clarification to avoid overlapping employee roles.
  3. Play to employee strengths – assess which employee performs tasks better and allocate accordingly.
  4. Constant review – look for inefficiencies and encourage employees to make suggestions with bonus for successful improvements.
  5. Documentation – employee and process manuals are vital parts of your company's communication of company values, ethics, standard practices, and responsibilities. Documentation needs to be current and should be updated regularly.

Having trouble identifying your company's workflow improvement needs? Read the case study of the improvements Success Trek, Inc. made for Innovative Property Tax Solutions or call us at 219-680-7720!

Are You Ready To Flow?

Innovative Tax Solutions did just that. Through Success Trek's "Work Flow Process", they received the systems and protocols needed to provide stability for their organization and employees. http://www.success-trek.com/images/Innovative-Property-Tax-Solutions.pdf
Ask yourself if your company is:
Ready to increase efficiency?
Tired of road blocks to your objectives slowing you down?
Ready to remove bottlenecks to gain efficiency?

Stop putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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Client Spotlight:  Innovative Property Tax Solutions

Company owners Todd Uzelac and Kevin Schafer operate a full-service property tax consulting firm specifically designed for the property tax needs of business owners including cost reconstruction, market studies, income analysis and representation for appeals. Regardless of the type of industry or size of business, their experienced staff handles all phases of the process.
Success Trek provided insight and guidance in updating sales manuals, streamlining processes and identifying obstacles to unified workflow.
Visit them at http://www.innotaxsolutions.comhttp://www.innotaxsolutions.com

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