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Will helping others help you achieve your business goals?

Call them New Year’s resolutions, intentions, or goals; the start of a new year is usually the time to take inventory of the past year while looking ahead to a new year.

As CEO of Success Trek, I look back to 2013, it was a year of transition, celebration and growth. We started the new year with an existing growth model, celebrated seven years of business with many dear friends, clients and colleagues in March. After a busy summer, in addition to serving many clients and sharing in their successful growth and transition, we flipped our business model upside down in response to our growth and opened a second office in Chicago. 

It is also in this spirit of reflection that I want to share a more personal message with you. While I have enjoyed my business’ success over the years, I also know that success is a broad term with a deeply unique and personal meaning for every individual. For some, it’s a new car, a promotion or a bonus. For others, it is satisfaction in accomplishing a goal, making a difference in another person’s life or enjoying a meaningful relationship with a spouse, friend or family members.

Years ago I struggled with the concept of success and found myself chasing ideals that failed to produce a true feeling of success for me. It was then that I learned to turn my attention away from what I wanted to helping others get what they wanted. You may remember the late Zig Ziglar’s famous quote “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

I have realized how right Zig was. Through working with community groups and local non-profits, I have witnessed life changing accomplishments for both those that work with these groups and those served by them. It is also deeply gratifying to be told by clients, “Thank you! You’ve made this simple and things are so much better.”

While you are setting your goals or making New Year’s resolutions, this time of year is a great opportunity to consider how you can enrich the life of another. I would wager that if you haven’t done so before, you will find that you experience benefits that will change your own paradigm of success. It just might be a resolution that you can actually keep.


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