May 2013 Newsletter

Maybe It's Time for a Change

Uhh... Where do I begin?

 may 2013 image newsletterDoes your organization need to make a sizable change? Imagine FAILURE. You don't have to. There's a 70% chance you will!*



John Kotter's 8 Steps, and you won't! (Probably!)

  1. "Aim for the heart"- Inspire employees to see value in the change.
  2. Build your dream team - Bring together an influential group to lead change.
  3. Lay out the future - Create a flexible vision that guides action.
  4. "Walk the talk" - Set an example by living and breathing the vision.
  5. Remove hurdles - Provide all tools and resources needed to foster change.
  6. Celebrate! - Recognize improvements along the way.
  7. Stay calm and carry on - Don't lose momentum.
  8. Shift your culture - Accurately represent your future vision.

Following Kotter's 8 step process is not a guarantee to successful change. However, it's a great checklist to follow along the way. It's important to recognize that making changes is going to be more complicated than expected. A plan of action is necessary, and thinking through this process will make a difference.


jeff bartonAre you still feeling overwhelmed with the burden of making changes in your organization?

That's exactly how Jeff Barton of Custom Dosing felt. Success Trek led Jeff and his organization successfully through major changes... we can do it for you too. The Success Trek team will help keep your operations running smoothly while implementing the changes necessary during your period of growth or transition. for for Jeff's short video. Then contact us to schedule your complimentary Strategy Session.


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