July 2014 Newsletter

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Business growth can be both exciting and difficult. While you may think that the sole reason someone starts a business is to grow it, we have found that the majority of companies don’t have a strategic plan to handle growth.

It’s readily apparent in many family businesses, especially when the second generation joins the organization. Without organizational design or a firm strategy in place, a son, daughter or other relatives may be put in a position in the company just to have a job. It further complicates matters if they haven’t worked in various areas in the company, lack experience heading up a department, or it’s their first real job. Even the size of the company doesn’t matter. We’ve worked with many multi-million dollar companies that deal with power struggles, ignore accountability and flaunt authority all because they are family members.

Naturally, this type of environment creates hostility among non-related employees regardless of their position in the company. They grow frustrated by thinking that it doesn’t do any good to speak up, since the family member won’t lose their job or be corrected.

By working with Success Trek, the key family members have learned about their strengths and leadership qualities and how to best utilize these skills depending on the position. They have also learned that it is possible to avoid highly charged, lengthy meetings by asking the right questions with the focus on execution of the agreed plan. They were amazed to discover they could course correct in as little as two minutes, when emotion, family dynamic and power are taken out of the situation.

While family members have made tremendous progress, staying focused on company goals will keep the momentum positive and in the right direction.

Understanding the dynamic of people is one of the main ways Success Trek customizes the approach to improving processes, maximizing workforce talent and planning for growth and sustainability. With tools such as the Attribute Index, Organizational Design and on-site interaction, individuals feel heard, understood and recommitted to the company’s success.

No matter the type of your company, family-owned or other, contact Success Trek today to learn how you can experience growth and sustainability with the right strategy.

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