People Development Solutions

The ideal employee is productive, engaged and has staying power.
We have the knowledge and tools to build and maintain your strong workforce.

Retain Qualified People: Knowing when and how to hire the right people can make or break a company. Help is provided for each step. This includes defining your employee’s roles and responsibilities and creating job descriptions to attract and retain qualified candidates.

Educate From Day One: One in twenty-five new employees leave due to a lack of/or poor onboarding program ( We will update any documents related to New Employee Orientation and Training standards, which can be readily used.

Engage Workers to Increase Profits: Disengaged workers often burnout or leave. Your reward, acknowledgement and compensation programs must motivate people. In addition, employees need to be matched to the right jobs; therefore we align Employee Performance Standards and Performance Evaluations specific to your company. Shifting just 15% of employees from disengaged to engaged equals a cost savings of up to $50K after the first year and over $200K after five years, for 50 employees (Success Trek Client Statistic).

Promote Leaders From Within: To identify staff members with specific skills, training and knowledge, we create and guide the implementation of Employee Development Plans. This makes it possible to advance talent from within your own organization.

Resolve People Issues: People problems drain resources. For every crucial conversation employees avoid, they waste an average of $1,500 and an eight hour workday (VitalSmarts). Through one-on-one coaching, and/or facilitation of team discussions, we assist leaders, managers, and HR professionals to expertly identify and address communication problems, difficult behaviors, problematic situations and personality issues.

Strengthen Abilities: Continuous improvement pays off. Whether you need professional development training for your staff or leadership training to improve supervisory skills such as real-time problem solving, decision making or delegating, we customize sessions to meet your specific needs. This includes providing assessment tools to determine how well individual employees are implementing newly acquired knowledge and identifying areas that need further development.

“People provide the power that drives innovation profitability and culture in every organization. Yet people issues are one of the biggest challenges facing companies today.” – Theresa Valade, CEO, Success Trek