Business Operation Solutions

As your company grows everyone and everything must work together.
We give you solutions and support that contributes to your ongoing operational success.

Receive Unbiased Perspectives: Leaders contact us when they want an impartial evaluation of the current state of their business. Prior to hiring us, only 20% of our clients knew the solutions they needed to achieve and maintain successful internal growth.

Identify Gaps: To identify the current state and gaps within your business operations, we evaluate your vision, internal operating practices, policies, procedures and methods of communication. We can also interview a cross section of employees. Staff will often reveal more to us about what is not working, and ideas for improvement, than you will hear. Based on our findings we work with you to prioritize what needs fixing right now. We will also put a long-term strategic improvement plan in place.

Dive In: Maybe you already know the areas for improving your internal operations. However you might not have the ability and/or resources to do it on your own. We can help. Working together we can define the desired outcomes. Then we will recommend and help implement the best solutions.

Get Focused Solutions: Over time, day-to-day and more advanced operational strategies, policies and procedures need realignment. Business and department goals, visions, values and cultural practices also require updating. We are skilled at guiding leaders and teams through planning, decision making and implementation processes. This drastically reduces the 70% failure rate of change initiatives (Gallup) and the 90% failure rate of strategy execution (Harvard Business School Press).

Use Valuable Tools: A Strategic Dashboard keeps your business operations organized and makes it easy for everyone to see what is going on. It communicates your short and long term goals, mission, vision and values. Working with you, we will review and update the company Organizational Chart that outlines your current chain of command, levels of authority and expectations of communication within the company. Plus you can find out the people and/or departments responsible for decision making, problem solving, project management, change management, productivity and the various stages of running your business. Many of our clients report they would be lost without the tools we provide.

Share Financial Information: To easily find out where, and how, money is being used we provide a Metric Dashboard. It gives departments a unified process to capture, analyze, audit and share important information such as revenue and expense forecasting and reporting.

Benefit from Ongoing Support: As your business continues to grow and evolve, your operations can require fine tuning. We will be there to meet your ongoing needs.

“We take you through our strategic evaluation process to identify where your organization is today and where you want to be. Then we work with you to put the solutions in place to achieve your immediate and long-term goals.” – Theresa Valade, CEO, Success Trek